Bamboo , Linoleum & Carpet: Eco-Friendly Flooring Options

As more and more designers are looking for eco-friendly materials for their clients, manufacturers have started to step up and give the design most preferred by people. Here are the three most popular eco-flooring options you will be interested in.  Bamboo: Another sustainable alternative to hardwood is bamboo. Bamboo grows quickly, reaching maturity for harvesting […]

Why Hardwood and Cork Are Two Of The Leading Eco-Friendly Flooring Options?

Many manufacturers have been producing eco-friendly products because they see the results of the increasing demands for “green” products option.  Growing number of architects, developers and contractors are always on the lookout to offering the most suitable eco-friendly flooring options. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly flooring option, many homeowners and renters are […]

Natural Fiber Carpets – 3 Innovative Options to Choose From

One of the best choices in flooring designs is the role of carpets made of natural fibers.  That’s because people tend to reject the man-made modern style of home interiors and prefer the style that brings in the real splendor of the natural world. Yesterday’s carpets were often made, in part or whole, of synthetic […]

Creative Selections for Carpets Made From Natural Fibers

While most choices of carpeting are made up of partial synthetic fibers, there are some selections which are completely natural.  These are prized for their real natural weave, great textures and the truth that these are made from eco-friendly and renewable resources. Today, homeowners are increasingly turning to eco-friendly carpets to make their homes healthier […]

Understanding Hardness Ratings for Hardwood Flooring (Part 2)

Selecting a long-lasting hardwood floor is made easy by using hardwood hardness scale. It is your best guide for a strong and durable floor installation. With this scale, you can figure out different hardness ratings for all hardwood floor species. A Note About Hardwood Vs. Softwood As you shop for new flooring, you may find […]

Vinyl or Laminate: Which is Better? (Part 2)

Both vinyl and laminate are low-budget floor coverings that give the durable quality for a utility or kitchen area.  Also both of them can work well in a living area. When manufacturers talk about laminate flooring, they are mentioning about snap-together boards floating over the subfloor.  Also, vinyl flooring comes in snap-together planks; however, you […]

Understanding Hardness Ratings for Hardwood Flooring (Part 1)

Hardwood flooring offers one of the best home improvements you can do for your home. Aside from being timeless and aesthetic, hardwood flooring is strong and durable.  It only means that it can comfortably take the footsteps of your family for generations. Hardwood is an incredibly popular choice for homeowners who want flooring that boasts […]

Vinyl or Laminate: Which is Better? (Part 1)

Are you looking for vinyl or laminate flooring? Many homeowners who are interested in flooring installation have the confusion between laminate and vinyl flooring. So let’s have a better look at these types of flooring options.  Whether it’s vinyl or laminate that makes sense, learning more about its individual features will help you decide which […]

Four Big Hardwood Trends for 2016 (part 2)

With many beautiful styles in hardwood flooring to select from, here are the last two hardwood trends for 2016 to help you get started this year. Design Goes Upscale Natural Clean, white-centric designs are favored for bedrooms, guestrooms and great rooms this year. Neutral color palettes are paired with elegant furnishings and accent pieces to […]

Four Big Hardwood Trends for 2016 (part 1)

When it comes to flooring trends, classic hardwood is never out of fashion. It’s an elegant choice that meets the style demands of both home and business owners. Of course, that doesn’t mean that hardwood isn’t evolving. Here at S&G Carpet and More, we’re always on the lookout for new, forward-thinking trends in flooring. If […]