When you shop for flooring, you’re looking for the style you love alongside the durability you need. We’re proud to help you meet both those demands here at S&G Carpet and More. If you’re ready to shop but are worried that the flooring you want isn’t suitable for every room in your house, it’s time to consider waterproof core flooring. These innovative planks and tiles are offered at reasonable prices and make a great investment. Versatile and durable, waterproof core flooring is the perfect solution when you want the elegance of hardwood or stone without the risk of water damage.

Why Waterproof Core Flooring is a Smart Choice

Splashes and spills are a part of life, but they’re also tough on your floors. If water sits on the surface of a floor too long or seeps down to the subfloor, it can cause serious damage. This is especially true for traditional hardwood flooring, which many experts recommend be kept out of kitchens, bathrooms, basements and other damp areas.

Waterproof core flooring eliminates worries about water damage. This type of flooring is designed to repel water at its core so that both your flooring and your subfloors stay intact. Of course, this high level of performance and durability is met by the best in design.

Stability and ease of installation are also big selling points when it comes to waterproof core flooring. These flooring planks and tiles don’t suffer from the expansion and contraction seen with traditional hardwood, and they don’t have to be acclimated prior to installation. No underlayment is required with waterproof core flooring products either, but they still provide superior noise reduction and warmth.

Floorte Luxury FLooring from Shaw

Shaw Floors continues its long tradition of innovation with luxury waterproof core flooring in the Floorte line. These stylish, high-end flooring planks are designed to add use and aesthetic value to any space. Floorte is a great choice when you’re shopping for a basement, mudroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Style options have made Floorte a top choice among shoppers here at S&G Carpet and More. These gorgeous planks are printed using the latest 3D technology and feature incredibly life-like designs. You can opt for one of 30 style and color combinations when you shop for Floorte luxury flooring.

COREtec Luxury Flooring from US Floors

Also known for incredible innovation, US Floors was one of the first manufacturers to offer luxury waterproof core flooring. COREtec luxury flooring represents the best in resilience and durability. Available in both plank and tile styles, these flooring products provide essential protection for your home without sacrificing on style.

Whether you want the look of traditional, hand-finished hardwood or contemporary tile, you can get it with COREtec. You’ll see everything from travertine to stamped concrete to exotic hardwoods when you shop for these amazing floors. Of course, COREtec flooring is easy to care for too.

If you’re ready to shop for luxury waterproof core flooring, stop by an S&G Carpet and More showroom. We love helping home and business owners throughout Northern California find the right flooring for their spaces.

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