Carpet tiles are the perfect flooring solution in public facilities and large businesses where high foot traffic can take a serious toll on traditional carpeting. We’re proud to carry the best in commercial carpet tiles here at S&G Carpet and More. Whether you’re going for a neutral style or want to create a branded look with different colors and textures, you’ll find carpet tiles here that fit the bill. Thanks to their versatility, commercial carpet tiles offer the best in both aesthetic and financial value.


Why Choose Carpet Tiles?

Wall-to-wall carpeting might look great in huge rooms, but it can also cause big hassles. If a client spills a drink or drops food on such carpeting, you’ll need to bring in the carpet-cleaning machine. In the case of larger spills, you may even have to replace the whole carpet to restore the appearance of the room.

With carpet tiles, you get the visual appeal of wall-to-wall carpeting without the maintenance or replacement burdens. This unique commercial flooring solution offers:

  • A variety of easy installation options.
  • A non-slip surface for high-traffic public areas.
  • Low maintenance demands.
  • The ability to replace only one tile or small section of tiles if they become unsightly.
  • Endless configuration and design options.

Carpet tiles have been used in spaces ranging from university classrooms to airports to hospitality facilities. They’re a trusted flooring option that we’re proud to stock here at S&G Carpet and More. Of course, we’re dedicated to bringing you carpet tiles from only the best flooring manufacturers around.

Carpet Tiles from Shaw

Shaw Floors is an industry leader in both the commercial and residential carpeting games. Shaw offers commercial carpet tiles under several different brands with some specialty lines designed for hospitality facilities. As with all Shaw flooring products, these carpet tiles represent the best in their class. They feature excellent warranties and are considered some of the most resilient carpet tiles on the market.

Installation flexibility is also a top selling point of Shaw carpet tiles. First, you’ll clean the subfloor. Then, you’ll lay the carpet tiles with a special adhesive. Some of Shaw’s carpet tiles feature a built-in adhesive while other require the use of a separate adhesive solution. Regardless of the installation style, it’s relatively easy to lay and replace Shaw carpet tiles.

Carpet Tiles from Mohawk

Mohawk has long been a leader in the commercial carpet tile industry. The manufacturer focuses on creating tiled commercial carpets that offer flexible design and installation options alongside superior durability. Mohawk carpet tiles are built with maintenance ease in mind too. So long as you vacuum regularly, clean up stains promptly and schedule the occasional professional cleaning, your Mohawk carpet tiles should provide excellent performance for 10 or more years.

Mohawk offers flexible options when it comes to installation too. Interlocking, glued and taped styles are available. Of course, all Mohawk carpet tiles are designed with ease of replacement in mind.

Carpet tiles can make a visually appealing and valuable addition to any public facility or commercial space. If you’d like to check out your carpet tile options, stop by an S&G Carpet and More showroom today. We’re love helping property owners and managers throughout Northern California find the right flooring for their facilities.

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