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No Surprise Guarantee

No Surprises Guaranteed

S&G Carpet and More prides itself on the detailed and expert training that we supply to our staff. The S&G employee that comes to your home will measure, present options, and provide you with an accurate and binding price. Because of the great confidence in our staff, the price that is quoted by our “In-Home Sales Consultant” is the price you will pay. Any oversights will be addressed at our expense.

It is common in the trades for companies, contractors or installers to quote one lower price to get the job and then raise the price once the project is under way. The installer will charge you with extra fees or costs to cover “extras” such as floor prep or additional labor. For some companies there always seem to be “unforeseen” situations that increase the price from the originally quoted price. At S&G Carpet and More we honor the price we quoted.

S&G will review all areas and the specific scope of your project while conducting a free “in-home consultation”. During this time ,all rooms, materials, base, moldings, furniture and appliance moving and labor will be discussed and agreed upon before a bid is presented. We want to get it right. You will know the exact cost to do your project correctly before we start, and you can rest assured that the price quoted is the price you will pay – no extra hidden charges.

The customer must understand that S&G Carpet and More is only able to work within the scope of a C-15 license. Therefore, if structural damage, low or high joist/beams, water damage, mold, subfloor damage, or termites are found during the installation of your new flooring, the job will stop until the customer can have those repairs done by a general or licensed contractor. S&G Carpet and More is not responsible to pay for or to perform those repairs.