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Hardsurface Warranty

Installation Scheduling

S&G will call you when your material has arrived. Due to changing manufacturing dates and shipping irregularities, jobs will not be scheduled until all the material is in S&G’s possession. You may call the Installation Department between the hours of 9:00AM and 6:00PM at (866) 241-3551.

Day of Installation Notes

  1. All furniture and appropriate appliances should be moved out of the installation area. Furniture and appliance moving are available at an additional charge, the customer is responsible for moving all knick-knacks.
  2. S&G will not move or disconnect electronic equipment.
  3. S&G Carpet and More is not responsible for cutting doors. Sometimes doors will need to be trimmed because of the height of the new flooring.
  4. Realize that touch-up putty and painting will be needed if the installer has removed and replaced your existing baseboards. S&G does not provide that service.
  5. There should be proper ventilation and access to electricity to ensure the completion of your installation.
  6. Installation, pull-up, and prepping of existing floors will cause dust, be advised that some dusting will be required by the home owner.
  7. Expect some noise during installation such as power tools and hammers.
  8. It is expected that the residents will stay off the new flooring during the night of installation, to allow glues and sealers to dry.
  9. Sunlight will: highlight seams, patina hardwood floors, and burn or fade vinyl floors.
  10. All hard surface floors should be protected from rolling chairs by using a good quality floor protector.
  11. S&G recommends not using a floating floor installation in homes where wheelchairs (or other heavy mobility aids) are used.
  12. All jobs are C.O.D.

 Lifetime Hard Surface Installation Warranty

The Hard Surface Installation Warranty protects you, the original purchaser, if you have purchased an S&G Hard Surface floor for your own use in an owner-occupied residence. S&G Carpet and More’s Limited Hard Surface Residential Installation Warranty applies to the flooring that has been installed by a certified S&G Carpet and More installer. The labor must be purchased directly from S&G Carpet and More. S&G warrants that the original installation was done to the standards of the State Contractors Board. Repairs like: lifting moldings, seams and visual problems that may be repaired by a S&G certified installer will be warrantied. All areas must be empty to perform warranty work.

This warranty is not transferable and does not cover abuse, neglect, maintenance issues, moisture, water damage, animal damage, or acts of nature.

This warranty is void if the “General Terms and Conditions” have not been followed.

The 45 Day Hard Surface Total Satisfaction Guarantee

The Total Satisfaction Guarantee is for you, the original purchaser, if you have purchased a S&G Hard Surface floor for your own use in an owner-occupied residence. S&G Carpet and More guarantees that if you are not happy with your hard surface flooring within 45 days of installation we will supply new material for replacement. The original installation must have been purchased through S&G Carpet and More. The consumer is responsible for all labor cost including removal/tear out, installation and the moving of all furniture and appliances. The primary purpose of this guarantee is to help the consumer who is not happy with their decorating choice. S&G Carpet and More will supply material only 1 (one) time and the customer is responsible for all labor costs. The customer must reselect a product of equal or greater cost and the customer is responsible for all upgrade costs.

All Total Satisfaction Warranty claims must be completed within 45 days from original customer notification to S&G Carpet and More.

This warranty is void if the “General Terms and Conditions” have not been followed.

General Terms and Conditions of Warranties and Guarantees

S&G Carpet and More warranties and guarantees are in effect when the following terms and conditions are met.
The flooring and labor must have been purchased from S&G Carpet and More and installed by a certified S&G installer. The product must receive proper maintenance including regular vacuuming or sweeping and regular cleaning. Note that portable steam units or wet sprayers will often damage your flooring and will void all warranties and guarantees. To file a claim, the consumer must notify S&G Carpet and More and provide original receipts and proof of proper cleaning products.

All warranties and guarantees specifically exclude damage from such things as tears, gouges, scratches, chipped edges, surface moisture, water leaks, spills, subfloor moisture, burns, pet damage, fading, odor, damage caused by improper cleaning products or methods, as well as changes in appearance caused by, but not limited to, furniture, appliances, athletic equipment, rolling chairs, or heavy wheeled devices. Installation of flooring outside, exposed to weather, on stairs, commercial areas, or in any other area subject to other than ordinary foot traffic are also specifically excluded from the warranties and guarantees. All warranties and guarantees are non-transferable and are issued to the original purchaser for owner-occupied single family interior residential installations only. Liability under these warranties and guarantees shall be limited to the actual cost of the repair or replacement of the affected areas of the flooring or at the discretion of S&G Carpet and More in the form of a credit. Subject credits will be used toward the purchase of products of equal or greater value at S&G Carpet and More. The credit amount will be based on the original purchase price and any additional cost will be charged to you according to the normal pricing policies of S&G. Incidental or consequential damage are neither the responsibility of the manufacturer or S&G Carpet and More.

The liability of S&G Carpet and More under this warranty shall be limited to the actual cost of repair or replacement of the affected area of the flooring extending to the nearest wall, doorway, or entrance. S&G Carpet and More reserves the right to correct any defect prior to the flooring being removed, replaced, or settlement offer. If replacement is warranted, S&G shall provide a floor of equal value should the original flooring not be available. There is no cash payment or cash value to the credit.

It is the consumer’s responsibility to move all furniture / appliances and to have areas open and clear for any warranty or guarantee work to be done. The consumer may also be responsible for labor cost under certain restrictions of the warranties and guarantees. These warranties and guarantees give the consumer specific legal rights. The consumer may also have other legal rights that may vary from state to state. These warranties and guarantees are void outside the continental United States. There are no implied warranties including warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose extended by these warranties and guarantees. S&G Carpet and More will not be held responsible for any delays, lost time, wages, hotels/motels, or aggravation.

Specific Information By Flooring Type

Return and Cancellation Policy

25% Restocking fee on all cancellations and returned material.

Only five or more boxes may be returned. Boxes must be unopened.

Only uncut stock trim pieces can be returned. You must have at least 5 stock trim pieces to qualify for return.

All Stores Are Closed Nov 23 for Thanksgiving But Will Open Friday Nov 24