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Before you begin shopping for flooring, you need a rough estimate about how much you need. With the form below, you can calculate approximately how much flooring you need and get a cost estimate.

Please note that your area should be professionally
measured before buying flooring.

The form below allows for up to 5 areas to be calculated
at the same time.
Only one area is required.

Round fractions up to next inch. Enter numbers only.








Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
Area 5


Cost per sq. ft.




Calculated Results:

Total Square Feet:

Waste (10%):

*Total Material Required:

**Total Cost:

*This basic calulator allows for 10% of actual waste.
Your actual waste may vary and change the actual amount needed to purchase.

** This is a cost estimate only. You should have your areas professionally measured before buying.
Prices are subject to change.

Our Memorial Day Showroom Hours Are 10am to 4pm

Our Showrooms Are Closed on the 4th of July, and Will Be Open on Friday the 5th.