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Before you begin shopping for flooring, you need a rough estimate about how much you need. With the form below, you can calculate approximately how much flooring you need and get a cost estimate.

Please note that your area should be professionally
measured before buying flooring.

The form below allows for up to 5 areas to be calculated
at the same time.
Only one area is required.

Round fractions up to next inch. Enter numbers only.








Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
Area 5


Cost per sq. ft.




Calculated Results:

Total Square Feet:

Waste (10%):

*Total Material Required:

**Total Cost:

*This basic calulator allows for 10% of actual waste.
Your actual waste may vary and change the actual amount needed to purchase.

** This is a cost estimate only. You should have your areas professionally measured before buying.
Prices are subject to change.