Trusted Waterproof Core Flooring by Calcore

Calcore Waterproof Core FlooringWaterproof Core Flooring from Calcore is an exceptional choice when flooring your home or commercial space. From its legendary durability to is classic style options, you’ll enjoy years of excellent performance from your floors. At S&G Carpet and More, we enjoy offering this option because Calcore Waterproof Core Flooring, also called “Wood Plastic Composite” (WPC), represents a true innovation in flooring that delivers value and beauty to our customers. Combined with our exceptional service, your Calcore floors will continue to impress throughout years of use. Attractive design, trusted craftsmanship and great versatility make Calcore Waterproof Core Flooring a leader in modern flooring.

Premier Hardwood & Tile Flooring Styles From Calcore

Calcore offers five series of waterproof core flooring that look like real wood and one series that looks like tile. Designs from each of these series is best-in-class and ideal for homes and commercial spaces of all sizes and styles. The Carissima, Medford, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, and Vancouver XL Series all deliver exceptional durability, beauty and cost-effectiveness while being simple to install and easy to maintain throughout their lifetimes. This flooring also comes with a Limited Lifetime Residential Warranty and various Limited Light Commercial Walk Warranties to protect against manufacturing defects.



Carissima Series

Calcore’s Carissima Series of Waterproof Core Flooring offers an enduring appearance in two distinct styles. The primary difference between Carissima and other Calcore products is that these are larger and designed to look exactly like real tile flooring – even down to the grout lines. The best part is that even though it looks like tile you have all the same durability and waterproofing of the other Calcore waterproof core flooring.

Medford Series

Calcore’s Medford Series of Waterproof Core Flooring offers five beautiful styles of various wooden designs that are sure to brighten any space. Like all Calcore waterproof core flooring the styles in the Medford Series are easy to install and maintain.

Portland Series

Calcore’s Portland Series of Waterproof Core Flooring offers a timeless look in ten timeless styles. This Series of WPC is truly built to last, through all the wear and tear of heavy daily use in residential and commercial spaces—including in water-prone areas and those that get high traffic from a busy family. When you see this waterproof core flooring in person Calcore’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and luxurious finishes make it a clear winner. Like all of the Calcore series, this flooring is easy to install and maintain.

Seattle Series

The Seattle Series of Waterproof Core Flooring from Calcore is offered in nine attractive styles that are built to last and and suitable for any room of the house or commercial building. With top-quality Calcore flooring you will find it easy to install and maintain. The advantage of stone composite core makes this waterproof core flooring ideal for water-prone areas such as entry ways, kitchens, bathrooms, or workspaces. You’ll find the Seattle Series boasts easy installation and maintenance like everything from the Calcore line.

Spokane Series

Calcore’s Spokane Series of Waterproof Core Flooring offers a classic look in six colorful styles. This Series of WPC is durable and the lifelike design will last through all the wear and tear of heavy daily use in residential and commercial spaces that receive high traffic and are prone to spills. With Calcore’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and luxurious finishes you can rest assured that this flooring is one of the best in the industry. Like all of Calcore’s flooring it is easy to install and maintain in your space.

Vancouver XL Series

Calcore’s Vancouver XL Series of waterproof core flooring brings warmth and detail that will compliment any space. Like all of Calcore’s waterproof core flooring, each style in the Vancouver XL Series is easy to install, maintain, and will last for years to come. One of the stand out features of the Vancouver XL Series is the long planks that are 60″ long to better mimic the classic hardwood look that many homeowners seek.

Eco-Friendly Flooring is the Standard with Calcore Flooring

Buckley Seattle Series Calcore Waterproof Core FlooringHomeowners who care about sustainability will appreciate Calcore’s commitment to safety and eco-friendly sourcing. All of the various Calcore Series are FloorScore certified by SCS Global Services, a leading indoor air quality certification standard. With Calcore, you’ll enjoy durable and attractive flooring that’s environmentally responsible and a safer option than most WPC flooring on the market.

Superior Quality Waterproof Core Flooring from Calcore

Invest wisely in your flooring by purchasing from the Calcore line of Waterproof Core Flooring. Choose from over 40 distinctive styles to grace your interiors, from living rooms to board rooms. Calcore is the industry’s leading name in innovative WPC flooring, with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence.

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