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Why Hardwood and Cork Are Two Of The Leading Eco-Friendly Flooring Options?

Many manufacturers have been producing eco-friendly products because they see the results of the increasing demands for “green” products option.  Growing number of architects, developers and contractors are always on the lookout to offering the most suitable eco-friendly flooring options.

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly flooring option, many homeowners and renters are turning to this flooring, also known as “green flooring,” for their homes.

There are many reasons. But the top reasons are that eco-friendly flooring is better for indoor air quality and friendlier to the environment. It’s natural and sustainable.

Not only that, it also looks great. You’ll find it in homes of all sizes and prices. And it’s durable, so it’s perfect for any room in your home. It’s also easy to clean, so you can safely use it in the kitchen or living room and not worry about spills.

The Right Eco-Friendly Flooring Option for You

There are many green flooring options to choose from, but these two are among the most popular:

Hardwood: This is a classic. You can find it in homes from farmhouses to modern condominiums. You’ll want reclaimed, or sustainably harvested, hardwood flooring. It’s a durable, beautiful flooring that goes with almost every interior style. And it can be refinished, which adds to its life and can bring new vibrancy to a room.

Cork: If you want a renewable alternative to hardwood, consider using cork. This non-toxic, soft wood flooring’s harvested from the bark of live cork trees. This sustainable process doesn’t injure the trees.

Cork has more to give than hardwood and you might find it more comfortable to walk on. While its texture is a little softer, it still acts as an insulator and it resists the accumulation of moisture.  It can last up to 30 years and more.  With tons of patterns and colors to choose from, you are sure to get one that suits your taste.

No matter what type of eco-friendly flooring you wish to install in your home, S&G Carpet has more products than what you need and wants to get your next project successful.  You can maintain your budget down from our various affordable flooring options.


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