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Natural Fiber Carpets – 3 Innovative Options to Choose From

One of the best choices in flooring designs is the role of carpets made of natural fibers.  That’s because people tend to reject the man-made modern style of home interiors and prefer the style that brings in the real splendor of the natural world.

Yesterday’s carpets were often made, in part or whole, of synthetic materials. They were also treated with chemicals to protect them from spills and increase their life. But those materials and chemicals were bad for people and the environment.

For example, synthetic materials aren’t recyclable and biodegrade slowly. And chemicals often release gasses that harm air quality.

Here are the three all-natural carpet options that are attractive and good for the planet.

Jute Carpet

You might recognize jute from its use in carpet backing and for ropes. Like coir, jute is an inexpensive plant-based carpet fiber. This soft, natural carpeting is best placed in low-traffic areas of your home where comfort is a priority. Keep in mind that it’s prone to tears and wears quicker than heavier fibers.

Seagrass Carpet

Seagrass paddies are flooded annually with seawater, which is where the name comes from. This strong material is highly stain resistant and good at deflecting discoloration and dirt. You’ll want to think of matching its light, wheat colored tone with your room because it can’t be dyed.

Sometimes, you’ll see colored weft added to the weave to add visual variety. Seagrass, like wool and coir, needs to be kept dry to protect it from mold and mildew.

Sisal Carpet

Sisal’s a good middle ground for natural carpeting. Like wool, it’s durable and soft. Unlike other plant-based carpeting material, like seagrass, it will take a dye (though it will also stain easily without proper treatment). Its tough, soft texture makes it suitable for almost any room, from high-traffic living rooms to bedrooms.

You’ll want to be careful to keep sisal carpeting dry. Sisal isn’t cheap—still less than wool. But it’s available in several patterns and colors, so you can easily modify it for your interior design plan. To learn more about all your natural carpet options, visit S&G Carpet and More at www.sgcarpet.com today.

Natural carpet fibers are made up of materials which are found in nature–whether from plants or animal products like sheep’s wool.  While these are visibly processed before turning them into carpets, they begin with a natural product, unlike synthetic fibers which are entirely made by man.


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