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Important Basics to Make Your Carpets Last

Your home or business’s carpets provide a soft, durable surface for your daily activities. Of course, they can also represent a significant economic investment in your property. Taking good care of your carpets is essential to getting the best out of them in terms of wear, durability and longevity. The better you care for your […]

Tackling Scratches and Stains on Your Hardwood Floor

If your hardwood floors have become scratched or stained, you’ll need to determine how the flooring is finished before you can decide how to proceed with repairs. Floors that have been finished with wax or penetrating stains can be cleaned with specialty liquid wax cleaners much like are used for wood furniture. Be sure to […]

Basic Hardwood Floor Care for Longevity

Your home or business’s hardwood flooring provides a durable, attractive surface for your daily activities. Of course, hardwood floors can also represent a significant financial investment in your property. Getting the most out of your investment means keeping it in good shape with great hardwood flooring care. When cared for properly, hardwood floors can provide […]

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