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Basic Hardwood Floor Care for Longevity

Your home or business’s hardwood flooring provides a durable, attractive surface for your daily activities. Of course, hardwood floors can also represent a significant financial investment in your property. Getting the most out of your investment means keeping it in good shape with great hardwood flooring care. When cared for properly, hardwood floors can provide service for the life of your property.

Taking the Fuss Out of Hardwood Flooring Care

Many home and business owners are intimidated by hardwood flooring care. However, keeping your hardwood floors in good shape doesn’t need to be difficult. By following three simple steps, you’ll be able to maintain the aesthetic beauty of your floors while ensuring that they provide for the longest use life possible.

If you have questions about the specific care needs of your hardwood flooring or need help picking out cleaning products, please call the experts at S&G Carpet and More today. We’ll be happy to help you understand hardwood flooring care.

Preventing Problems

The first step in maintaining the natural beauty of hardwood floors is to prevent scratches, stains and other problems from day one. To help minimize scratches, try placing throw rugs or mats at the entrances to rooms with hardwood flooring. Encourage your family members and guests to wipe their feet on the rugs so that dirt, sand and other debris doesn’t damage your flooring.

Use pads or cushions beneath furniture, table legs and chair legs. Avoid dragging furnishings across the floor. It’s also a good idea to place absorbent throw rugs in areas that are likely to see spills. Most homeowners benefit from placing throw rugs in front of sinks, ovens and other major appliances.

It’s also essential to avoid wet mopping wax-finished floors. Using a wet mop can cause discoloration or premature warping problems. Be sure to carefully follow all manufacturer care directions when cleaning and maintain your hardwood flooring.


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