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Tackling Scratches and Stains on Your Hardwood Floor

If your hardwood floors have become scratched or stained, you’ll need to determine how the flooring is finished before you can decide how to proceed with repairs. Floors that have been finished with wax or penetrating stains can be cleaned with specialty liquid wax cleaners much like are used for wood furniture. Be sure to follow cleaner directions carefully.

Polyurethane and other surface finishes can be cleaned with products designed especially for these types of finishes. The friendly team at S&G Carpet and More will be happy to help you find the right products to clean your surface-finished hardwood floors.

Creating a Clean Surface

Keeping your hardwood floors looking clean is as simple as using a dust mop or vacuum to remove dust, dirt and other debris. Wax sealed floors can be buffed back to a shine when needed. Surface-finished floors can be recoated with specialty products when they become dull.

If floors need to be stripped and refinished, it’s best to work with professionals who can determine the right course of action while protecting the value and beauty of your hardwood flooring.

Best Products For Hardwood Floor Care for Your Home or Office From S&G Carpets and More

At S&G Carpets and More we want to make sure your hardwood flooring lasts. That’s one of the reasons we have such a great warranty on all our hardwood flooring that comes standard. If you want some products and tips on how to get your hardwood floors clean and last longer, stop by your closest S&G Carpets Showroom today!



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