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Enjoy the Benefits of Waterproof Core Flooring Throughout Your Home

Enjoy the Benefits of Waterproof Core Flooring Throughout Your Home

Waterproof Core Flooring is a beautiful and durable home flooring alternative to natural flooring. It combines a high-density waterproof core, protective wear coating and durable top layer to make it suitable for almost any room in your home. Unlike some natural floors, Waterproof Core Flooring withstands heavy use, spills, scratches and other common damage.

The style options are almost endless thanks to advances in high-definition printing for the top-most design layer. There are stone and wood, marble, bamboo, and many others. And each comes available in a variety of grains and patterns.

Enjoy the Benefits of Waterproof Core

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Waterproof Core Flooring Offers Multiple Practical and Aesthetic Benefits

Waterproof Core Flooring gives property owners the option of having natural flooring with all the advantages of manufactured flooring.

Easy to Install

Waterproof Core Flooring installs easily compared with natural flooring. Unlike natural flooring, you don’t always have to remove the old flooring first or install an underlayment. Instead, you can snap your new waterproof core planks or tiles into place directly over the old surface. This benefit alone could reduce your installation time to fewer than 24 hours.

Highly Versatile

Unlike natural flooring, waterproof core flooring’s properties don’t limit where you can install it. For instance, hardwoods aren’t recommended for rooms like kitchens, mud rooms and entryways because of the likelihood of damage from exposure to water. That could stain the surface, warp the flooring, and seep between the floorboards and cause expensive subfloor rot. With versatile waterproof core flooring you can choose any styles you like and install them easily in any room of your home without worry.

Extremely Durable

Natural flooring is beautiful but often vulnerable to changes in temperature and exposure to moisture. Waterproof core flooring is invulnerable to those hazards because of its unique construction. It contains a stiff inner core surrounded by wax-impregnated edges, outer sealants and a final transparent top seal. That means it won’t expand and contract, warp, or change in other unexpected ways. Its rigid, layered design enhances durability for heavy-traffic areas while also reducing noise with insulating properties.


Several waterproof core flooring brands offer eco-friendly options. These are comprised of wood and recycled-bamboo cores and, in some cases, are LEED certified and meet European standards of no-to-low-formaldehyde adhesives.

Enjoy the Benefits of Waterproof Core

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Waterproof Core Flooring Styles

Waterproof Core Flooring delivers exceptional durability and versatility with an extensive range of design options. No matter which room you’re building or re-flooring, there’s a waterproof core floor style that suits your vision. You’ll find it in interiors as diverse as mid-century modern and country rustic, in rooms ranging from bathrooms to formal living rooms. Popular brands include COREtec by US Floors, Floorte by Shaw Floors, SmartCore by Natural Floors. Popular surface styles include:

  • Venetian Marble
  • Travertine
  • Antique Marble
  • Exotic Hardwoods
  • Multi-tone Wood Planks
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Fossilized Wood
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Slate

Your waterproof core flooring design options are further increased by

multiple tile and plank shapes and sizes, beveled edges and creative inlays.

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