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S&G Carpet’s Ethical and Respected Laminate Sourcing Practices

S&G Carpet’s Ethical and Respected Laminate Sourcing Practices

S&G Carpet & More is respected for its ethical sourcing practices and care for customers. Every choice we make is guided by our commitment to customer satisfaction—and safety.

Laminate sourcing is a critical part of flooring company operations. It affects the quality of flooring produced and thus the customer’s experience for years to come. It also poses potential health risks to consumers. This became painfully clear when a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statement, 60-Minutes investigation, and Washington Post article explored the questionable laminate sourcing practices of flooring company Lumber Liquidators.

The CDC statement concluded that the company sold Chinese-made laminates that possibly contained hazardous levels of formaldehyde. Following the 60-Minutes episode, the CDC revisited the question and concluded the flooring contained even higher levels of formaldehyde, and with that a heightened risk of cancer. The CDC study initially said that the cancer risk could affect two to nine people in 100,000. The later study increased that risk to between 6 and 30 people in 100,000.

As respected and ethical flooring providers, we don’t do business like this. We also do not source any flooring products from China. None of our flooring products are affected by that CDC study.

At S&G Carpet, we’re committed to providing you with unparallelled service and exceptional flooring products. Our loyal customers have trusted us for our ethical business practices since 1948. One aspect of those ethical practices is how we source our products only from reputable and high-quality manufacturers. You can rest safely knowing that your floors are of the highest quality and completely safe for you and your family.

Flooring companies sometimes try to cut costs by using substandard materials, whether imported or sourced domestically. Lumber Liquidators’s Chinese-sourced laminate flooring material could be an example of that kind of practice. If so, the legal consequences of such practices poses risk to the company and the customers. When you shop for your flooring products, trust a local company with a stellar track record and reputation in the community and beyond. We keep costs low by cutting out middlemen and pass on the savings to our customers.

Laminate floors are excellent flooring options for families with active lifestyles. Stone, tile, and wood are a few of the durable surface designs you have for laminate flooring. If you’re looking for laminate, be sure to ask where it was sourced and confirm that it was not affected by the CDC study.

Contact S&G Carpet and More for information about laminate flooring and how choosing the right laminate can keep you and your family safe.


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