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Popular Hardwood & Waterproof Laminate Flooring Patterns and Colors

Hardwood and waterproof laminate flooring have a lot to offer: durability, lifespan, and a great appearance. They also offer variety and homeowners have a huge selection of styles, colors, patterns, and textures to choose from when finding the perfect match. But it can be hard to know what‘s in style. This article will go over popular hardwood and waterproof laminate flooring patterns and colors so you can get to finding the right floor for you.

Patterns & Species

When it comes to choosing a style of floor, both hardwood and waterproof laminate have a wide variety. The grain pattern you see in a hardwood floor comes from the species of tree the planks are cut from. You might find all kinds of natural patterns, from mostly straight, even lines to highly varied and swirling with natural knots.

Laminate planks are printed to match hardwood species. The high-resolution images are laminated onto durable boards and look very close to the real thing, with lots of variation and detail. Below, we’ll go over some of the most common and popular species and what to expect.


Oak hardwood is one of the most popular hardwoods in the U.S. and its reputation is well-deserved. Oak is a sturdy, durable wood that is cost-effective. It comes in two varieties: red, which tends to have a pinkish undertone, and white, which takes on more of a brown tone. Both varieties have a strong, obvious grain pattern with prominent variations and swirls.

Oak is one of the most common hardwoods around and its strong grain is perfect for hiding little dents and scrapes. Both hardwoods and laminates come in a variety of colors, based on the stain.


Maple is a light, creamy hardwood with a subtle grain. It’s a smooth, sleek wood with less natural swirling and variety than oak. This wood doesn’t absorb stain as readily and can take on some unique colors, like gray, if stained correctly. This makes it a popular choice for more modern homes.

Maple woods range in quality, uniformity of the planks, and hardness—and they also range in cost. Laminates offer a more consistent price for a similar breadth of colors and patterns.


Hickory is a hard, varied wood. Like oak, it has a lot of variety in the grain, can have many knots and swirls, and is a popular option for rustic styles. It comes in many colors and patterns which are mirrored by the laminate options.


Birch is a hardwood similar to maple with a fine, subtle grain and light coloration. It can be difficult to stain and ranges in color from light blond and brown to gray, depending on its preparation. It is softer and more affordable than maple and is a go-to choice for modern spaces.


Cherry is known for its deep red color. Cherry planks vary in their color and will darken over time, making them a good choice for those who want a homey, unique character to their floors. True hardwood is very sensitive to light and rugs or furniture may leave light spots—laminates don’t have this problem.

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Most of the hardwoods come in a wide variety of colors. These are the most popular color choices today:

#1. Gray. One of the biggest choices right now is gray stained hardwoods. Light floors open up a space, and cool grays create a modern chic feel. Birch or a waterproof laminate pattern are a good choice.

#2. Whitewash. Like gray, whitewashed floors create a modern, stylish feel to a room. And, unlike white carpet, white waterproof laminates are stain-resistant. Maple hardwood and waterproof laminates are good options in this category.

#3. Light browns. Light brown oaks, maples, hickories, or other varieties of hardwoods are also in. Sticking with the theme, light floors open up a room and make it feel more spacious. Blond tones give a room a laid-back, beachy vibe.

Remember, no one style is perfect for everyone—always try out samples before making a final choice!

There are a ton of choices when it comes to hardwood and waterproof laminate floors. We’ve given you some of the most popular patterns and colors today so you can find the right style for you.

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