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How to Choose the Right Laminate Flooring for Your Space

Choosing flooring can seem like a daunting task. With so many materials, colors, styles, and textures to choose from, how is anyone supposed to know what will fit in their home? Well, the good news is it’s easier than you think! Laminate floors offer a huge variety of styles, high durability, and a great look without breaking the bank. This article will give you some tips on how to choose the right laminate flooring for your space—wherever it might be!

The Basics

When you think about what how your perfect flooring looks, a few things probably come to mind. The shade and grain need to look nice, of course. But there are a few other things to think about, too.

Texture: The texture of your floor is an important consideration. Many laminates have a smooth finish without deep grooves, which is easy to clean. Other textures include handscraped, which has a more detailed, grainy-like texture with grooves and knots, or wirebrushed, which has an aged appearance.

Finish: The finish of your floor can range from a shiny gloss to a more subdued matte.

Pattern: The layout of your planks can vary in length, width, and pattern, adding unique character to each room!

There are lots of things to think about in choosing a floor, so let’s take a look at what works best in different kinds of rooms.

Dining Rooms & Kitchens

Dining rooms and kitchens are high-traffic, high-energy rooms. Durable laminate floors are perfect for this environment, where everyday life can be busy.

Start with…

A waterproof, scratch-resistant floor is a good idea in these high-use areas. Look for something with high marks in durability and a good waterproof core, like Mohawk’s RevWood flooring. Smooth textures make cleanup from spills easier, so avoid deep, complex textures.

Think about…

Look for a shade and pattern that matches the style of your kitchen. Modern, stainless steel appliances match well with wide planks, light grays, and even deep black styles. A more rustic or traditional dining set will look best with deep browns.

Waterproof Core Flooring Kitchen


Laminate in a bedroom is a great way to personalize your personal space.

Start with…

Bedrooms are usually cozy, warm spaces. Consider using deeper, more complex textures and shades, as well as lower gloss finishes. Distressed textures can bring a homey, rustic feel to these rooms. If you have multiple bedrooms in your home, try a different style in each one.

Think about…

Rugs are a great accessory in bedrooms, so think about how you’re going to accessorize with your flooring. Bring home samples and take a look at them throughout the day—natural light changes how they appear.

Living Rooms

Living rooms are as varied as the people who use them. The different styles you might encounter are vast, but some tips are universal.

Start with…

Like dining rooms, a living room usually gets a lot of use. If you expect kids, company, pets, or moving furniture, look for a scratch-resistant and waterproof coating. Furniture and decorations are key in a living room, so make sure to bring home samples to see if your floor fantasy matches your décor.

Think about…

The color of your floor and walls can affect how big a space seems. If you want your space to feel bigger, go for a light shade, like a blond or whitewashed oak. If you need to cozy things up, try richer, darker tones and more complex grains.

Dark Flooring


Up until recently, laminate was off limits in bathrooms. With great advances in waterproof flooring, however, there’s a whole world of possibilities.

Start with…

Waterproof is important in all your spaces, but it’s absolutely essential in a bathroom. Go for a floor with great waterproofing technology, like Mannington’s Spillshield laminate. Look for a waterproof core that resists moisture all the way to the plank!

Think about…

The smaller space of most bathrooms lends itself to more complex patterns. Try out laminate tile varieties or patterns like herringbone for a unique, interesting style. Avoid high-gloss finishes in areas with bright vanity lights.

There’s no one floor that’s right for everyone. Flooring adds unique personal character to each room in your home and choosing the right one takes some thought—but it’s worth it!

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