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Spillshield Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Waterproof Laminate Flooring by Mannington Spillshield

Laminate floors are known for their durability. With realistic patterns, tough coating, and easy installation, laminate is the go-to choice for do-it-yourself project seekers, busy families, pet lovers—and anyone else who wants a long lasting, tough floor that doesn’t need a lot of fuss.

But one of the biggest downsides to laminate is the risk of water damage. Like hardwood, seeping moisture and spills can spell serious issues for a laminate floor. Spillshield waterproof laminate flooring from Mannington solves this problem. Its moisture-locking technology stops water in its tracks so floors can withstand the slips and spills of everyday life.

What is Spillshield?

When it comes to water damage, Spillshield waterproof laminate flooring brings an added layer of durability. This technology seals water out and keeps it on top, rather than in between, the laminate planks, preventing permanent damage. The protective coating keeps water out so effectively that it comes with a 72-hour guarantee: no damage from moisture, even if the water sits for three whole days.

Unlike laminate flooring of the past, Spillshield technology keeps floors in great shape for longer—even in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mud rooms.

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Benefits of Spillshield Flooring

Mannington laminate floors have won over a dozen awards for their quality, looks, and commitment to the environment. Here are some of the perks you can expect from Spillshield flooring:

#1: Waterproof

This one might be obvious—but Spillshield flooring is top of its class in waterproof laminate flooring. The water-sealing technology prevents seepage from all kinds of spills. It’s so efficient at keeping water out that laminate treated with Spillshield can even be used in rooms that are built to see moisture, like bathrooms, mud rooms, and laundry rooms.

#2: Scratch Resistant

Waterproofing prevents a lot of damage to floors, but there’s a lot more Spillshield has to offer. These highly durable floors are tough to the touch, preventing scratches from pets, day-to-day damage, and big mistakes alike. Laminate floors are tough and resistant to denting, too, making them a great choice for busy households, pet owners, and families.

#3: Easy to Clean

Like most laminate floors, Spillshield is easy to clean. Everything from spilled food to pet messes can be easily wiped away—without staining like hardwood. The waterproof technology means that tough messes can be mopped up without fear of warping, seeping, and damaging the floor beneath.

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#4: Fade Resistant

Lots of people love the look of hardwood, but there is a lot less love for colors that fade over time. Unlike hardwood, which requires regular upkeep and maintenance to keep colors shining bright, Spillshield laminate floors are fade resistant. That means less hassle and less worries for busy households.

#5: Environmentally Friendly

If you’re looking for a company that cares about its customers and the environment, Mannington has you covered. Mannington puts its efforts into programs like solar-powered factories, habitat restoration, and cutting down waste. The company has won several awards for its environmental initiatives from all kinds of organizations, like the Environmental Protection Agency, Floor Covering Weekly, and more.

Products like Spillshield laminate floors are made from recycled materials that reduce landfill waste. That means you can feel good about bringing these planks home.

#6: FloorScore Certified

When you choose a Mannington product you can feel confident that you made a choice that’s good for the environment—and good for your home. FloorScore is an independent title awarded to products that meet a high standard for quality, and Spillshield laminate floors are FloorScore certified.

With a FloorScore certified product, you get a product that’s free from the many harmful chemicals that cause lower indoor air quality. That means cleaner, healthier air and a cleaner, healthier home.

#7: Stylish Appearance

Last but definitely not least, Spillshield laminate floors are an attractive, stylish addition to any room in your home. With a variety of colors, grain patterns, and widths and a highly detailed, realistic print, you’re sure to find a style that matches your décor.

Whether it’s a dining room, bathroom, bedroom, or more, Spillshield waterproof laminate flooring from Mannington offers the attractive appeal of hardwood without the fear of damage from everyday life. Find Mannington in one of our six S&G Carpets and More showrooms!


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