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Carpet Trends For 2015

Carpet Trends For 2015

Carpets are a central part of a home’s decor scheme. Whether you choose bold, fashion-forward carpets or neutral standards, your flooring makes a statement. If it’s time to have new carpeting installed, get inspired by the hot carpet trends of 2015. At S&G Carpet and More, we carry an extensive selection of on-trend carpets and classic favorites in our Northern California showrooms.

Bold Patterns & Textures

Patterned carpets are quickly gaining popularity. Among the most favored are geometric patterns, which offer the contemporary and classic at the same time. Textured loop carpets lead the way here, but don’t fear that they’re not durable or comfortable. Today’s textured loop carpeting features various pile heights for added softness and durability. Other popular textures include striations and ribbing.

Gorgeous Neutrals

Neutral carpeting is a great choice if you want to make a bold statement with furniture, window dressings or walls. The most popular neutrals are light taupes and grays. Both are versatile colors that can be incorporated with a variety of design styles. Neutrals are a particularly good choice for those homeowners who enjoy redecorating frequently.

Muted blues and teals are also popular. While they aren’t true neutrals, many have gray undertones that make them work with practically any other color. These muted shades are also a great choice if you want to accent a certain area, such as a playroom or hallway.

Pet-Resistant Products

Pets are important members of your family, but they can be hard on your carpeting. That’s where new, pet-resistant carpets come to the rescue. These specialty carpets are designed to resist stains and odors. Special padding for pet-resistant carpeting also helps to repel moisture so that you don’t have problems with mold or lingering odors. Of course, these carpets also provide a soft, comfortable surface for your pet.

Cushy & Comfortable

Bold design trends may come and go, but comfort is always in when it comes to flooring. Carpet manufacturers are rising to the occasion by offering incredibly comfortable, cushy carpets that also provide great stain protection. Extra-comfortable carpets are available in both standard designs and in bolder, newer styles. They’re the perfect choice for the bedroom and living room.

Area Rugs & Carpet Runners

Carpeting is a great choice for the home, but it’s not ideal in all rooms. Areas that see more moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens, tend to be floored in hardwood, vinyl, laminate or tile. While these choices make great sense for these areas, carpet runners and area rugs are also becoming popular. They can add a pop of color while also providing cushioning for your family and pets. Rugs and runners are also fairly easy to store, so you can choose different styles and weights for every season.

Picking on-trend carpeting is a great way to improve the comfort and value of your home or office. At S&G Carpet and More, we’re proud to offer an awesome selection of carpets and area rugs. Visit one of our seven showrooms in Northern Californiamake a shop-from-home appointment to explore your options today.

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