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2019 Trends in Carpet

Carpet Trends for 2019

Carpet is an excellent choice for your floors, whether your goal is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere or set a more refined and modern tone. They’re so versatile that you’ll find them in almost every room—including entryways—in all colors and many materials.

This article will help you understand the 2019 carpet trends so you can be sure your decorating choices are as current as possible. One general trend is toward variety and boldness—no more seas of wall-to-wall sameness.


  • Cut and Loop. This carpet type includes loop strands and straight strands that create an attractively varied surface texture.
  • Waterproof. Thanks to options like Shaw’s LifeGuard technology these give you the benefits of outdoor waterproof carpet with the beauty of indoor carpeting—without the mold, stains and other problems. You can use them in any room.
  • Recycled. Eco-friendly flooring is big this year. This is a great development and most carpets now are made of recycled materials. That means you can feels good about your carpet purchase helping your decor and the earth.

Other 2019 carpet type trends to look for include carpet tiles and frieze carpets.


  • Ribbed. Consider ribbed carpet if you’re looking for a more modern look in your home, perfect for home offices.
  • Textured carpet provides a lot of variety, from the surface feel to shapes like chevrons and lines.
  • Plush. Although low-pile carpets will be popular in 2019 because they’re attractive, easy to clean and resilient to indentations and drag marks, there’s just no substitute for the soft, warm feeling of plush carpet beneath your feet.


  • Vivid colors in soft tones are in for carpets in 2019. Think of sherbert and similar bright colors with a lot of character. They’ll provide an excellent base for additional colors in your furniture decor that pop in relation to the carpet. Just be sure to use soft tones that won’t overwhelm the room.
  • Earth tones are also in this year. They’re amazingly easy to pair with all kinds of interiors and they’ll make your rooms look bigger. Think warm greens, dark and subdued blues, browns and terracottas when you’re shopping.
  • Blue. Consider serene blues to give you an earthy tone without being too bold or boring. These subtle blues are a nice middle ground between a traditional and bold statement.

Additional carpet colors to consider are grays and multi-colored.


  • Geometric patterns bring your floors to life. Look for bold colors and color combinations to keep your 2019 carpeting on-trend. These are wonderful alternatives to floral patterns when you want a little variety. Trellis and arabesque patterns are also popular in 2019.
  • Tiles. For a more contemporary look in your home, look to carpet tiles. Add pops of color, and more visual interest, by mixing up the layout and using contrasting colors.
  • Layering area rugs is also trending in 2019, giving a casual and luxurious look to your home.

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