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2019 Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2019

Hardwood flooring is a classic choice no matter which room you’re working with in your home or office. There’s a reason other flooring, like vinyl, seeks to emulate the beauty of natural wood. From country chic to modern, you’ll find the flooring type, finish, color, pattern, layout and texture that meets your interior vision.

Each year sees changes in industry trends, with colors, finishes and other options coming and going. In 2019 you’re going to see exciting trends coming, moving toward a warm look and feel. Here are a few to keep in mind when you’re ready to call a local flooring company.

Flooring Types

You will see eco-friendly options filling the list this year.

  • Bamboo offers high durability with a light color and a little give. Another great benefits is renewability. It also stands out—there’s no missing a beautiful bamboo floor.
  • Reclaimed wood is gaining in popularity because it combines environmental responsibility with durability and uniqueness. This wood is sourced from all kinds of places, from wine barrels to barns.
  • Cork flooring is another eco-friendly flooring option that’s trending in 2019 (and it’s also durable and unique . . . are you noticing a trend here?). It’s soft feel makes it great for people concerned about joint pain but wanting a stylish hardwood floor that’s also soft on the eyes.
  • Engineered wood. Do you have kids or pets? If you’re sold on traditional hardwood flooring for 2019 but want a floor that’s easy to install and easy to clean, this is for you.

Flooring Finishes

2019 flooring is trending toward a flat finish.

  • Matte finish. Matte finishes don’t have to look dull. Instead, higher-end options offer a soft look that suggests a contemporary, expensive interior.      
  • Satin finish. This has been popular for several years and will continue to be into 2019. It’s also a great compromise if neither glossy nor matte look right to you. Whether finishes trend glossy or matte, satin remains popular because it’s a little of both.
  • Oiled. Oil finishes seep into the wood, strengthening it and giving it a matte look. Another benefit is that refinishing involves just adding oil—no sanding.


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Lights, darks, and grays in the middle.

  • Grays. Trending grays in 2019 are cool, modern and match almost any decor you want.
  • Blonde. Whether you go for country or modern, blonde wood works well. It gives rooms a spacious feel while adding a touch of understated class.
  • Honey wood. Imagine a blonde hardwood that’s richer and warmer—that’s the classic honey wood flooring.
  • Whitewash. You’ll get a spacious looking interior that feels contemporary and bright, giving it a beachy and sand-worn vibe.
  • Dark stain. Elegant and subdued, dark stain wood flooring may make a room look smaller but it makes up for that by making it look more expensive.

Patterns and Layouts

Variety is a good catchword for 2019 hardwood pattern and layout trends.

  • Mixed-width. Give your floors some character and a modern feel with mixed-width planks.
  • Herringbone (and Chevron). Both of these similar options will be popular in 2019, though herringbone will likely be easier to find.
  • Diagonal. Installing your hardwood floors at a diagonal is trending this year. It gives your home a modern look and adds movement to the space.


Variety is also popular this year with hardwood floor textures, and each texture offers character and often hides dirt well.

  • Distressed. This antique looking wood features variations like knots, wormholes, burns, scratching and more.
  • Handscraped. You’ll find a lot of variation among the planks with this option, with each plank showing long scrapes into the grain.
  • Wirebrushed. This option offers a lighter, more consistent, scratched look that exposes each plank’s interior.


Hardwood flooring trends in 2019 hold a lot of exciting options for your home and business floors. visit one of our Northern California S&G Carpet showrooms near you for help with your hardwood flooring.

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