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Six Ways to Keep Laminate Floors Clean and Looking Great

Laminate flooring is preferred by many homeowners because it’s durable and easy to maintain. Keeping your laminate flooring clean and in great condition is a simple matter of completing regular cleaning tasks and carefully removing any stains. To keep your laminate floors in the best shape possible, follow these six guidelines: Sweep, dust or vacuum […]

How to Keep Your Hardwood and Laminate Sparkling Clean

Whether you’ve invested in hardwood or laminate, you work hard to keep your floors looking great. Naturally, the more proactive you are in caring for your floors, the better they’ll look. For the best results, start taking care of floor care from day one. You can even jot down on your calendar when you should […]

Identifying Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

Before you can get rid of carpet stains, you’ll need to identify them. After all, not all stains are the same. You’ll need to take different steps to clean your carpet depending on what’s staining it. Carefully cleaning the stain by hand is always better than using a home carpet-cleaning machine. While these machines may […]

How to Bust Common Carpet Stains

Your carpet literally provides the grounding for the rest of your home decor, but it’s not always possible to keep it as clean as you’d like. Whether it’s a bit of wine spilled during a special dinner or grease tracked in from the garage, eliminating common carpet stains can be trying. While there’s no easy […]

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