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Identifying Carpet Stains and How to Remove Them

Before you can get rid of carpet stains, you’ll need to identify them. After all, not all stains are the same. You’ll need to take different steps to clean your carpet depending on what’s staining it. Carefully cleaning the stain by hand is always better than using a home carpet-cleaning machine. While these machines may seem convenient, they tend to do more damage than cleaning.

Coffee, Tea & Urine Stains

Coffee, tea and urine are water-based stains, but they require slightly different care than similar stains. If your carpet suffers from water-based stains, follow the first line of action outlined from the previous post. These should remove the majority of coffee, tea and urine stains. However, if these steps don’t work, you should move on to the third line of action. Avoid using ammonia on these types of stains.

Grease- and Oil-Based Stains

Stains from grease- and oil-based substances require special care. Follow the care instructions on dry cleaning fluid to remove these stains. If this method doesn’t work, go through the three lines of actions outlined above. If stains still persist, you may need to hire a professional service to help you remove them. Of course, the carpet experts at S&G Carpet and More will also be happy to provide you with stain-busting pointers.


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