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What to do to Prevent Carpet Problems

The first step in great carpet care is preventing problems before they start. One of the easiest ways to do this is to keep dirt, mud and rainwater from getting onto your carpets. Make sure that window and door screens are in good condition and that screens are closed whenever doors or windows are open. It’s also a good idea to place throw rugs at the entrances to carpeted rooms.

Encourage your friends and family members to wipe their feet on rugs before walking on carpeting. Create a space in a non-carpeted room to store rain boots and other shoes that might make messy tracks on carpets.

Tackling Stains

While it’s possible to prevent much of the dirt buildup that makes carpeting look old and dingy, you simply can’t avoid all stains. The key to dealing with stains is to treat them as quickly as possible. Many home and business owners find that simple stains can be tackled by sprinkling baking soda on the area and then pouring on a small amount of household vinegar over the soda.

On some occasions, you may need to use specialty cleaners to lift out tough stains. At S&G Carpet and More, we can help you choose the right cleaning products for all of your stains.

Cleaning Carpets

Of course, vacuuming your carpets regularly and choosing professional cleaning when needed is also essential to keeping your carpets in good shape. Set a vacuuming schedule that takes into account how much traffic your carpets see on a daily basis. Be sure that your vacuum is set according to carpet type or height. If it’s time for your carpets to be steam cleaned, choose professionals who can take care of difficult stain removal and cleaning without damaging your carpets or rugs.



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