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Understanding Laminate Flooring AC Rating

What Are Laminate Flooring Ratings?

Laminate flooring is a top choice for many homeowners thanks to its durability, aesthetic appeal and affordable pricing. Of course, there are many different types of laminate available. While all laminate flooring can be installed quickly and is easy to maintain, some laminates withstand the test of time better than others. Knowing which laminate flooring is the most durable, and which is the best fit for your home, means knowing the ins and outs of AC Ratings.

Understanding the AC Rating Scale

Laminate flooring can be described by its abrasion class (AC), known more commonly as its AC Rating. This rating was first developed by European flooring manufacturers and is now considered standard around the globe. Use these ratings in conjunction with other factors such as thickness, core density and ultraviolet protection to determine which laminate is right for you. The ratings range from AC 1 for floors that can withstand moderate use to AC 5 for floors that are for commercial settings and expected to see heavy use.


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