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Protect Your Flooring Investment with Carpet Padding (Part2)

Carpet padding promotes the long life expectancy of your carpets.  It protects the backing and the binding of your carpets while absorbing the effects of human foot traffic. It also allows additional air flow to the vacuum that increases suction. But the problem is, how will you find the right carpet padding?

Ways to Evaluate Carpet Padding

Choosing the right padding for your carpet is all about evaluating how your choices stack up in a few key areas. Consider these three big factors as you shop:

  • Density: Homeowners should choose padding with a 6- to 8-pound density rating. The higher the density rating, the firmer and more long-lasting the padding will be.
  • Thickness: You’ll need to choose padding that is the thickness specified by your carpeting manufacturer. If you don’t, the carpets might not install correctly and you’ll void the warranty.
  • Materials: Padding is available in a variety of materials including foam urethane, polyurethane and synthetics. Urethane tends to be the least sturdy but is also the most cost effective. Of course, padding made from recycled materials is available as well.

In addition to weighing the three big factors that impact padding comfort and service, you’ll also need to think about your special demands. If you have pets, you can choose special pads designed to prevent odors. If you’re concerned about spills, talk to a flooring professional about padding that helps repel moisture.

Bringing Carpets and Pads Together

The right padding can extend the life of your carpeting while adding greater comfort and warmth. Of course, choosing the right carpet padding isn’t always as simple as it sounds. If you’re ready to shop for new carpets and pads, stop by an S&G Carpet and More showroom today. We love helping residential and commercial customers throughout the North State find the best carpet padding for their needs.

For your next carpet project, don’t overlook choosing the best carpet padding which will extend the life of your floor covering as well as your investment.


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