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Protect Your Flooring Investment with Carpet Padding (Part1)

The requirements for carpet padding are always overlooked, simply because households are not sure about the advantages they can get. There’s a variety of carpet paddings based on the type of carpet and type of floor you have.

Shopping for new carpeting can be a whirlwind of colors, textures and pile heights. You have hundreds of options to evaluate and styles to see. As you shop, don’t forget to focus on more than just exterior appearances. After all, what’s underneath your carpeting is important too.

Between the subfloor and the actual carpet that you walk on, you’ll find carpet padding, also known as cushioning. Here’s what you need to know about this carpeting essential and how to choose the right padding for your space. Of course, the design pros at our S&G Carpet and More showrooms will be happy to help you navigate your options.

Why Carpet Padding?

Comfort and warmth are some of the top qualities that homeowners look for when shopping for carpets. While carpeting materials and construction affect comfort and warmth, some of carpet’s best attributes have everything to do with padding. The padding that lies between your carpets and the subfloor adds that cushy spring beneath your step, helps to insulate your floor and can even go a long way towards helping your carpeting resist stains and odors.

Beyond providing for your comfort, padding also provides added structural stability for your carpeting. It eliminates friction between the subfloor and carpet that can cause carpeting to come away from its backing. Padding also helps carpeting hold the right shape so that it doesn’t crease, buckle or separate at the seams. Of course, failing to install padding or using the wrong padding can void your carpet’s warranty.

Always remember that the right pad can either make or break your carpet purchase.   It plays an important role in the performance of your carpet’s appearance and performance.  Always be smart in choosing the investment for your carpet padding.


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