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More Carpet Shopping Tips

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for the right carpet in your home. Aside from Style and Color, we have come up with a few more pointers to make your carpet shopping easier.


Picking the right padding helps to ensure that you have a soft, comfortable surface on which to walk. When it comes to choosing padding, don’t skimp. Talk with a carpeting specialist about the padding thickness recommended for different types of carpeting. Remember that shorter carpet styles such as Berber generally require thicker padding than more plush styles.

 Care Requirements

Understanding care requirements is also key to making a wise purchasing decision. When looking at carpeting, be sure to ask a trained flooring consultant about care demands. It’s particularly important to pay attention to care requirements if you have kids or pets in your household. Avoid high-end carpets that stain easily. It’s also a good idea to choose carpeting with simple care and maintenance requirements for high-traffic areas.


Cost is an important factor for any homeowner choosing new carpeting. While it’s important to stick within your budget, it’s also essential to know when to spend a little extra. For instance, it’s important that you choose high-quality padding to ensure both the longevity of your carpets and your own comfort. Set a budget before you shop, then work with a flooring pro who can help you make the best choice in terms of cost and quality.

If you need help picking the right carpeting for your space, visit an S&G Carpet and More showroom or set up a free, shop-at-home appointment with one of our flooring consultants today.


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