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Is Carpet Really the Allergy Enemy You Thought? (Part 2)

How Allergy Sufferers Can Benefit from Carpeting

It’s one thing to say that carpets don’t contribute to allergies, but can they actually help prevent them too? Some allergy researchers think that the answer is yes. That’s because carpets are made from fibers that tend to attract dust, dirt, pollen, dander and other debris that can trigger allergy attacks. Carpet actually helps to keep these allergy-triggering pollutants out of the air so that everyone in your family can breathe easy.

Of course, keeping carpets clean is essential to enjoying these allergy-busting benefits. Follow these three steps to ensure that you get the most out of your carpets:

  • Vacuum on schedule. Vacuum carpets in high-traffic areas daily. Vacuum other carpets twice a week or weekly.
  • Keep dirt out of your home. Place mats at the entrances to your home and ask everyone who enters to take off their shoes. A vinyl or engineered hardwood entryway can provide a great transition area for shoe removal and storage.
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned. You should have your carpets professionally steam cleaned once a year to clear allergens and keep them looking great.

If you’re interested in choosing carpeting that will complement your space and help control your allergies, stop by an S&G Carpet and More showroom today. We love helping clients throughout the North State find the right flooring for their needs.

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