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Four Carpet Trends to Pay Attention to in 2016 (Part 2)

Here are the last two carpet trends you may want to try for your flooring as the year 2016 starts. For a new design and trend, you can choose one which fits your flooring needs.

Resurrecting Luxury Carpeting

Luxury carpeting began a comeback in 2015, and there’s no slowdown in sight as we move into 2016. Ultra-soft, textured styles that feel good beneath your feet are what this trend is all about. Today’s manufacturing technologies mean that luxury carpets offer the best in comfort and durability while offering gorgeous aesthetics.

Of course, it’s important to remember that high-end carpets aren’t suited to every area of your home. They provide excellent performance in bedrooms, dens and other lounging areas. However, it’s best to keep luxury carpeting out of the kitchen, bathroom and basement.

Getting the Outdoors Inside

Decor schemes that combine the urban and the natural are also big this year. Maybe you’ve seen a magazine spread featuring an indoor garden or checked out reclaimed wood designs on Pinterest. If you plan on bringing live plants into your home but want to enjoy the comfort of carpet, consider Berber or cut-and-loop styles.

Carpet tiles are also a great choice if you’re set on bringing the outdoors inside. They’re easy to clean and replace, and you can easily configure them to meet your unique style needs. Whatever carpeting you choose, stick with dark browns, greens and neutrals.

Year 2016 is now with us and instead of looking back, we wish to guide you to look forward to what is current among flooring trends. Some trends in carpets are timeless while others are very modern, and still others seem a fresh spin to the traditional technique.

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