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Creative Selections for Carpets Made From Natural Fibers

While most choices of carpeting are made up of partial synthetic fibers, there are some selections which are completely natural.  These are prized for their real natural weave, great textures and the truth that these are made from eco-friendly and renewable resources.

Today, homeowners are increasingly turning to eco-friendly carpets to make their homes healthier and friendlier to the environment.  Thanks to advances in manufacturing, natural carpet options are more abundant and affordable.

Here are a couple of creative options which are sure to give attraction and will also be good to the natural environment we live in:

Wool Carpet

Wool is one of the most common, and expensive, natural carpet fibers. This soft, durable material is at home in almost any interior. And it’s surprisingly durable. And thanks to its natural coating, it’s resistant to spills, stains and fire.

Just like wool coats and scarves, its fibers create air pockets, so it acts as a natural insulator. Remember, it performs best in dry areas because of the risk of mold and mildew (a wool-hemp blend will give you a more moisture-resistant weave).

Coir Carpet

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly carpet option for high traffic areas of your home, coir is excellent. This inexpensive material is woven from coconut husks. Because of its abrasive and highly durable texture, it’s best for spaces like foyers and hallways. It’s also popular in rustic environments like cabins and lodges.
Despite it’s rough exterior, you can order it in a variety of patterns, like herringbone and diamond weaves. Be aware that it should be kept dry and stains easily.
There are lots of different natural fibers in the market but only few can be used in carpeting.  The choice of natural fibers has great advantages like being eco-friendly since they‘re made of sustainable resources.


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