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Choose a Professional for Your Carpet Installation

Choose a Professional for Your Carpet Installation

A new carpet can turn a drab home or office into a space that looks and feels great. After you decide to install new carpet, you’ll have several choices to make, like choosing a style and color. But the most important decision you’ll make is which professional carpet installers to hire.

Installing a new carpet is an important investment that will affect your comfort for years to come. Trust your investment to knowledgeable, experienced professional carpet installers.

You’ll benefit every step of the way by hiring a professional. They’ll guide your installation confidently from preparation to final approval:

Prepare the Area

Your professional carpet installer will prepare the area for new carpeting. This often includes removingfurniture, breakable items, molding and baseboards, anddisconnecting all electronics.

Measuring For New Carpet

Ifthe roll of carpet style you want isn’t large enough to cover the new area your installers will seam together separate carpet pieces. They’ll use a seaming diagram to measure for your new carpet and determine how to cover the whole area. The plan will minimizeseam transitions to create a pleasing look. They’ll also seal the seam edges to protect from unraveling.

Existing Floor Covering

Your professional carpet installers will talk with you about what to do with your existing floor covering. In some cases, new carpet can be installed directly over the old covering. In other cases, the old flooring must be removed first. A professional knows how to remove the old covering properly (and dispose of it) to create the best surface for your new carpet.

Cushion For Your Feet.

You’ll want your installers to help you decide what kind of padding to install under the carpet. They’ll discuss important variables with you like the subfloor and padding quality and thickness. The padding you choose will impact how the carpet feels and how it wears over time.


The subfloors in homes and offices are often wood or concrete. And some are in better shape than others (level, structurally sound, not damaged by water or insects). A professional installer will determine the best way to prepare your subfloor for the new carpet.


Carpet needs to be power-stretched properly to reduce ripples and wrinkles during installation. A professional installer will continuallyreassess during installation for inconsistencies and correct them on-the-spot to ensure you enjoy a smooth carpet.

Door Clearance.

There needs to be enough space beneath your doors for the new carpet. A professional carpet installer will always explain your options, such as choosing a shorter pile or shaving the doors.


Old carpets, subflooring, packaging and other materials will need to be removed and discarded appropriately. Your carpet specialists will help you dispose of them and decide what to do with any carpet remnants.

Walk-through and Approval.

Once the job’s finished, you’ll walk through the space with your installer. This is your opportunity to ensure that the job meets or exceeds your expectations. A professional will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the results are exactly what you envisioned.

Guarantee that your carpet’s installed correctly by hiring a professional carpet installer who knows how to handle the critical steps involved.

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