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Waterproof Core Flooring Trends to Watch for in 2020

Waterproof Core Flooring (WPC) trends for 2020 are an exciting reflection of trends throughout the wood flooring industry. By paying attention to these trends in WPC, you’ll stay on-trend with your flooring and enjoy the many benefits of this beautiful and durable flooring in all the latest styles. If you’re looking for an upscale flooring that’s durable, totally waterproof and low-maintenance, WPC is for you.

The 2020 trends align with trends in other types of flooring, such as wood, making it easy for you to match throughout your home or office spaces while staying on-trend overall.

Four Top Trends in Waterproof Core Flooring for 2020

Waterproof Core Flooring Trends

It’s important to choose the WPC flooring you enjoy most, especially because trends shift and you could be living with your flooring for many years. Many of this year’s trends are expected to last beyond 2020, fortunately, and trends often go only to return again.


Darks and lights are bo

th in this year, regardless of the flooring look you choose (for example, wood or stone) with high-variation floors being popular. Beyond that, lighter colors are the trend, such as honey, blonde, gray and whitewashed. Fortunately, all of these work well with a wide variety of interior decor. The lighter color floors can help to make spaces look larger and they show wear much less. Grays tend to add a contemporary feel to homes and businesses—and often are preferred for larger spaces. There’s also a hint of bright color tiles popping up for 2020, particularly in commercial spaces.


You’re in luck this year whether you prefer a very-low-luster or mid-luster WPC flooring finish because the top contenders include matte and satin. Matte will provide a sheen-free, very-low-luster surface with a flat finish that hides dings, dirt and other imperfections amazingly well. Satin will give you a rich, low-luster finish that glows without reaching a high gloss—and it also hides the dings, dirt and imperfections well.

Handscraped and Distressed

There’s nothing like a beautiful, smooth floor but a textured look is in this year. Whether they’re wirebrushed, distressed or handscraped, expect to see more of these kinds of surfaces. Textures will be a significant trend for 2020, so you might see them used with flooring in rich colors that you would, typically, expect to see with a glossy finish.


This year brings fun WPC flooring patterns and layouts to the fore. From farmhouse styles to contemporary and sleek, these will fit right in while adding tremendous  style. You’ll want to consider wide planks, or wide and narrow in mixed width flooring, for the hard wood appearance. For patterns, herringbone will be popular, as will diagonal—both of which can really be bold statement surfaces in any room, adding variety to what might otherwise be a dull space.

Other trendy patterns include hexagonal, checkered and chevron. As you can imagine, any of these will liven up a room considerably.

You’re well-prepared now to select the most appropriate Waterproof Core Flooring for your home or business interior, whether handscraped honey with a matte finish or a smooth surface over a whitewashed herringbone WPC floor—or a combination of styles.


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