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Ten Expert Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Ten Expert Carpet Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Pets are a wonderful addition to the family but they also introduce new cleaning challenges. From accidents to fur-covered carpets, you can keep your home clean if you know the tips that make the difference for pet owners. These 10 tips will ensure you and your pet enjoy many happy years together—on clean carpets.

1. Paper Towels Are Your Friend (So Treat Them Gently)

Use them to soak up everything from vomit to urine. Blot with them but don’t step on them or grind them into the carpet. The harder you press, the more you’ll push the liquids into the carpet and even to the subflooring. The best course is to buy a small carpet extractor and use that right after the paper towels.

2. Bio-Enzymatic Cleaner

After you’ve blotted and extracted a wet urine stain, apply a bio-enzymatic cleaner formulated to treat urine to eliminate starches and proteins and to treat the uric acid and urea. Do this before using a carpet cleaner or you’ll risk having a permanent stain. It’s okay to try a carpet stain remover after you’ve applied the bio-enzymatic cleaner.

3. Never Steam Clean

This is a big no-no because the heat will bond the odor and the stain to the carpet fibers, giving you a permanent change you don’t want.

4. Use A Putty Knife

If you have a putty knife it can be used to pull solids out of your carpet. It works best with a small putty knife using the edge-side (not the flat side). Slide a putty knife edge under the solid and into the carpet to scrape and lift it out of the fibers.

5. Oxygenated Bio-Enzymatic Cleaners

For stubborn solids, spray the area and let it set according to the directions. That will give the cleaner time to separate the solids from the carpet. From there, use the putty knife to clean up. Once the spot is dry, simply vacuum to bring your carpet back to life.

6. Just Say No to Home Remedies

It’s tempting to reach for quick fixes you heard worked for someone once but resist the temptation. While solutions like baking soda and vinegar seem to work temporarily, they only mask odors and leave you with the original problem.

7. Get Creative to Clean Pet Fur

You can buy a lint roller…or wrap duct or masking tape around a paint roller to make your own—connect a broom handle to create a floor cleaner and use it before you vacuum to avoid clogging your vacuum cleaner. Rubber-bristled carpet rakes are also helpful for cleaning pet hair. Remember to vacuum several times a week.

8. Plan Ahead For Carpeting

If you’re thinking ahead, invest in pet-friendly carpeting made from nylon fibers. They’re durable and stain resistant—and affordable—making it easier to avoid messes and to clean them if they happen.

9. Dry Those Paws

Dry your pet’s paws when you enter the house. A quick cleaning with a towel kept at your entrance will help to keep mud and other debris from getting tracked across your carpets.

10. Act Quickly

Whatever the mess, move as quickly as possible to clean the carpet. The longer it waits, the harder it could be to remove it and avoid stains.
With a little time and effort, it’s easy to keep your carpets in good condition while taking care of your pets.


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