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Overview of Waterproof Core Flooring from Calcore

Calcore Waterproof Core Flooring might be perfect for your home. Do you worry about water damage to your floors but still want the most gorgeous, natural-looking floors possible? You can protect them easily from liquid damage of all kinds, and fulfill your aethetic vision, by selecting the right flooring—designed specifically to look beautiful while repelling liquids.

Waterproof Core Flooring from Calcore, also called Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), is the flooring of choice for homeowners who want durable and protective flooring in a beautiful package.

Calcore has a reputation for creating highly durable flooring in classic styles for years of enjoyment and superior performance. Their innovative WPC flooring represents the leading edge of natural floor alternatives.

When you want beautiful flooring in stylish designs, combined with the quality craftsmanship of an industry leader, Calcore Waterproof Core Flooring is a natural choice.

Calcore Waterproof Core Flooring Protects Your Floors

Water damage can come from spills, plumbing problems, leaky roofs, tracked-in water from outdoors, and many other sources. When water gets through the floor surface, it can ruin your floors and even cause rot and other damage to the subfloor below. That can require expensive flooring repairs.

Waterproof Core Flooring from Calcore is a composite flooring composed of durable materials like thermoplastics. On the outside are wax-impregnated edges, protective coatings, and a vinyl layer that protects the rigid core and carries the decorative surface.

Decorative surface options include stone, exoic hardwoods, Venetian marble, stamped concrete and ceramic.

High-Quality Waterproof Core Flooring Craftsmanship

Waterproof Core Flooring from Calcore is built to last. It’s also perfect for many rooms in the house:

⦁ kitchen
⦁ bathroom
⦁ break room
⦁ entryway/mudroom
⦁ kids’ rooms
⦁ basement
⦁ game room
⦁ and more …

Unlike natural floors, WPC resists damage like scratches and dings as well as daily wear. It’s also impervious to water and other liquids. Even with repeated exposure to liquids, it won’t warp, expand or contract.

Calcore’s commitment to the environment shows in the fact that they use low-to-no formaldehyde in the adhesives, practice eco-friendly sourcing, are LEED certified and use wood or recycled bamboo cores.

Huge Variety of Calcore Waterproof Core Flooring Styles

Calcore’s Waterproof Core Flooring is divided into two premier series: Portland and Seattle. Both are cost-effective, beautiful and durable.

Portland Series

The Portland Series comes in five unique styles and include random texture embossing. They’re all extremely durable, made with Calcore’s commitment to quality, and suitable for home or commercial use.

⦁ Corvallis Grey
⦁ Hickory Classic
⦁ Rustic Maple
⦁ North Wallowa
⦁ Weathered Gray

Seattle Series

Calcore’s Seattle Series of Waterproof Core Flooring is available in nine spectacular styles that fit in any room, from the kitchen to the rec room. Thanks to a stone composite core, it’s especially good for high-traffic areas and those prone to water.

⦁ Buckley
⦁ Everson
⦁ Fireside Oak
⦁ Friar Tuck
⦁ Live Oak
⦁ Loxley
⦁ Natural
⦁ Nottingham
⦁ Rich Earth

Simple Calcore Waterproof Core Flooring Installation

Waterproof Core Flooring from Calcore’s collections is exceptionally beautiful and easy to install. Whereas most natural wood floors require intensive tear-outs and installations, Calcore floors can be installed directly over your old floors—without any underlayment, pre-installation acclimation, or worry about contraction and expansion destroying your work.

For more information about Waterproof Core Flooring from Calcore, visit one of our Northern California S&G Carpet showrooms.


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