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What are Laminate Floor Ratings?

What are Laminate Floor AC Ratings?

Know what you are Buying with Laminate Floor AC Ratings

Laminate flooring is a top choice for many homeowners thanks to its durability, aesthetic appeal and affordable pricing. Of course, there are many different types of laminate available. While all laminate flooring can be installed quickly and is easy to maintain, some laminates withstand the test of time better than others. Knowing which laminate flooring is the most durable, and which is the best fit for your home, means knowing the ins and outs of AC Ratings.

Understanding the AC Rating Scale for Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring can be described by its abrasion class (AC), known more commonly as its AC Rating. The AC rating was first developed by European flooring manufacturers and is now considered standard around the globe for Laminate floors. Use AC ratings in conjunction with other factors such as thickness, core density and ultraviolet protection to determine which laminate floor product is right for you. Here are the five different AC Ratings you’ll see:

  • AC 1: These laminate floors can withstand moderate use. AC 1 laminate floors are ideal for closets and guest bedrooms.
  • AC 2: These laminate floors can stand up to moderate traffic. AC 2 laminate floors are a good choice for dining areas and living rooms.
  • AC 3: These laminate floors can withstand heavy residential use and moderate commercial use. AC 3 laminate floors will work in any area of the home and are ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and entryways.
  • AC 4: These laminate floors can stand up to general commercial use such as that seen in bakeries and barber shops. AC 4 laminate floors are ideal for indoor workrooms and finished garages.
  • AC 5: These laminate floors can withstand heavy commercial use. AC 5 laminate floors aregenerally only used in commercial settings, but homeowners may wish to use them for specialized applications.

At S&G Carpet and More, we’re proud to offer laminate flooring products that have earned an AC rating of 3 or more. We believe laminate floors rated AC 3 or higher offer our customers the best value, durability and selection possible.

Using AC Ratings to Shop for Laminate

You’ll take many different factors into account as you shop for new laminate flooring. However, purpose should always be a primary concern. The laminate flooring you choose needs to be durable and attractive enough for the area of your home where you plan to have it installed. If you want to use the same laminate flooring for all of your rooms, choose flooring that will meet the demands of the most high-traffic area in your home.

Remember that AC Ratings tell you a lot more about a laminate flooring product’s durability than its thickness does. When it comes to evaluating factors other than ratings when shopping for laminate flooring, take a look at the overall quality of the flooring. Is the laminate/ constructed with a dense, durable core? Is the laminate floor product it crafted to fit together easily in order to minimize gaps and warping? Has the flooring been finished in a UV-resistant coating? Well-made floors are easy to maintain, long lasting and always look good.

At S&G Carpet and More, we’re proud to provide the best in laminate flooring to clients throughout the greater Sacramento area and San Francisco Bay area with AC ratings 3 – 5. Stop by one of our showrooms to browse our great selection of flooring.


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