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Comprehensive Carpet and Hardwood Flooring Warranties

Comprehensive Carpet and Hardwood Flooring Warranties

When you invest in a quality carpet or hardwood floor, it’s important to protect your investment. The best way to do that is by ensuring that your purchase comes with a comprehensive and solid flooring warranty.

Warranties are typically time bound and protect from damage like ineffective stain resistance or stain-proofing, improper manufacture or installation, and even excessive wear caused by foot traffic wearing the texture.

While warranties and guarantees don’t cover every kind of damage (for example, intentional and pet-related damage often are excluded from coverage), they go a long way toward making your carpeting or hardwood flooring last a lifetime.

Common Manufacturer and Retailer Flooring Warranties & Guarantees

It’s smart to do your warranty research before buying a carpet or hardwood flooring. There are many warranties available, especially for higher quality flooring, from both flooring manufacturers and reputable retailers.

Many times, the length of warranty, or various types of coverage, will depend on the type of carpeting, such as the series—and the number of years it’s been installed in your home or business (coverage typically decreases with each year, similar to the way a car depreciates in value annually).

Common types of carpet and hard floor warranties include:

  • Wear Warranties
  • Structure Warranties
  • Installation Warranties
  • Texture Retention Warranties
  • Quality Assurance Guarantees
  • Waterproof Core Flooring Warranties
  • Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Warranties
  • Stain Resistance Warranties
  • Laminate Warranties

Generally, hard flooring products, including hardwood, waterproof core flooring, laminate, and vinyl carry a minimum 25-year warranty, in addition to a structure warranty good for the floor’s lifetime. Many high quality flooring companies will deal only in “first quality” hardwood, which ensures that each product comes with an excellent warranty.

Maintaining Your Carpet or Hard Floor Warranty

A warranty is only as good as the effort to maintain it over time. Many flooring warranties stipulate that the owner must meet specific cleaning requirements in order for the warranty to remain enforceable. This often refers to the frequency with which the flooring is cleaned, as well as the types of cleaners used on the flooring. Additionally, many warranties require that the owner have the flooring cleaned professionally every 12 to 18 months—and keep receipts to prove that it was done.

These warranty maintenance requirements apply more to carpeting than to hardwood, waterproof core, laminate, or vinyl. For hard floors, the time between cleanings is less of a concern than which cleaners are used. Using the wrong cleaner can seriously damage a hard floor, which could void a warranty. It’s best to read the warranty, or call the company to enquire, before cleaning a hard floor.

Another important point to know is that many hard floor and carpet warranties are good only when they’re installed by a flooring installation professional. DIY jobs can lead to voided warranties and headaches later—including re-installations and other extensive, and expensive, repair jobs.

Selecting Carpet, Hardwood, Waterproof Core, and Laminate Flooring With Excellent Warranties

When it’s time to select carpeting or hard flooring for your home or business, it’s best to work with a qualified flooring retailer, installer, and cleaner. They’ll guide you to the best options for quality, longevity, and warranty protection. The better companies even offer warranties and guarantees that exceed those of the flooring manufacturers.

When you’re ready to learn more about flooring options, and warranties, visit one of our Northern California showrooms for help.



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