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Carpet Trends for 2020

2020 Trending Carpet Styles

Carpeting trends for 2020 offer several exciting options, ranging from bold patterns to innovative surfaces. Consumers tastes are leaning toward making statements and flooring companies are responding.

Carpeting Trends 2020We’ve compiled the most prominent and exciting trends here to help you select the carpeting that meets your practical needs, like durability and stain-resistance, and suits your interior design preferences.

The carpets on this 2020 carpet trends list include textures, patterns, colors and types that could suit interiors ranging from modern and low-key to bright farmhouse. Even with shifting trends, many of these are staples of carpet flooring, like frieze carpeting, blues and generally soft carpets. With a little effort, potentially you can find a carpet that appeals to you, fits your interior plan, and lasts through many flooring trend evolutions.


Whether you prefer more muted colors or bright and bold carpeting, you’ll be happy with these 2020 carpet color trends. Blue and gray both make appearances, with cool tones ideal for larger spaces. On the other end of the spectrum, look for bold colors, especially worked into patterns (for example, floral and geometric). Also, look for the same bolder colors laid out in patterns, such as tiles and various shapes. For area rugs, watch for earth tones and more monochromatic designs.


There are several intriguing options for trendy carpet styles in 2020. Unsurprisingly, waterproof makes the list, as it’s such a fantastic choice for so many rooms. Frieze and cut-and-loop are two other popular options to consider. As we mentioned in the color trends, carpet tiles are trending this year, with bold colors making an appearance. Another trend many people will be happy to hear about is area rugs. From patterned to neutral tones and hand-crafted, keep these in mind when decorating. Last but not least, recycled carpeting is in for 2020—many consumers are more conscious about their environmental footprint and pleased with the options this innovative carpeting offers.


Are you ready to have fun? 2020 is your year to get playful with your carpeting. Tile patterns are only the beginning. A step beyond, and trending this year, are layered area rugs—even over carpet (though in similar tones to limit contrast). Layered rugs can complement the flooring underneath in color, texture, or pattern. Other popular patterns are animal prints (like leopard and zebra), floral, and geometric. Explore the possibilities with these to find the look that suits your tastes best.


As with other types of flooring trends in 2020, textured carpet is in. It can be combined with trendy colors and patterns to create an exciting interior or paired with a cool, solid blue to bring out the texture itself. Similarly, ribbed carpet offers an attractive surface and is trending this year. As you might expect, soft carpet is popular, as well (wool or wool blend broadlooms are especially nice for bedrooms).

With this list of 2020 carpet trends in hand, you’re ready to shop wisely for your next home or business carpet—and be sure it’s not only durable but also stylish.


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