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5 Reasons to Buy Flooring From Your Local Showroom Instead of Online Sources

5 Reasons to Buy Flooring From Your Local Showroom Instead of Online Sources

1) Convenient Shopping.

Flooring retailers that sell exclusively online buy their flooring in large volumes and in various styles. As with their competitors, they then provide their own names for those products, which makes it very hard for shoppers to compare and contrast flooring options across companies. You have no way of weighing prices and tracking your searches. Looking at pictures of flooring online is also a difficult way to see the actual colors of the flooring you want. When you shop at your local flooring store, you’ll be able to see the colors as you’ll see them in your home or business. You’ll also be able to touch the flooring to make sure it’s the texture you want.

Protected Purchases.

When you shop online you risk identity theft, mail fraud and problems with your credit. Your orders can also be filled incorrectly, whether due to mistakes made selecting products or entering order information. That could result in receiving the wrong product, or the right product in the wrong amount. Shopping with your local flooring business ensures your identity and money are safe, and that your order is what you expect.

2) Professional Guidance.

Flooring installation is a delicate process that requires professional experience. It’s essential to make the right decisions before, during, and after installation. One example is purchasing the right amount of flooring and glue. You’ll also need to make accurate measurements and ensure your foundation is flat and properly prepared for installing new flooring. By working with a local flooring provider, you’ll have an expert to walk you through the process, matching your vision for home and lifestyle with available flooring. They’ll also help you get accurate measurements so you know exactly how much flooring to buy. If it’s helpful, they can ensure your home installation goes smoothly by providing an installer so you don’t have to use a random contractor you found online.

3) Save Money.

Flooring is heavy, and when you buy in volume online the price for transporting it increases substantially with freight fees to get it home or to your commercial space. Keep your costs low by shopping for flooring with your local flooring retailer. They’ll likely have self pick-up, or contractor pick-up, options that will help you save even more money.

4) Excellent Customer Service.

When you trust your flooring purchase to your local flooring professionals, you’ll benefit from friendly customer service from flooring experts who are committed to your full satisfaction. As locals, they’ll also be dedicated to cultivating a relationship with you to ensure you’re a happy and loyal customer. Online, it’s easy for flooring suppliers to deliver shoddy service, from impersonal chat communications to outsourced customer service. Your local flooring provider will meet you with a smile and be ready to guide you through the selection process for your new flooring. Working with a flooring expert in person practically guarantees you get the kinds of above-and-beyond tips you don’t get online. They’ll also help you with installation and other essential follow-up steps.

5)  Shop With Your Local Flooring Company for Guaranteed Service and Satisfaction

Let your local flooring company guide you through the process of selecting and purchasing your new or replacement flooring, whether it’s carpet, hardwood, laminate or any other. You’ll receive unparallelled customer service, excellent prices and even expert guidance through the installation process. Whether you need residential or commercial flooring, visit one of our Northern California S&G Carpet and More showrooms near you for professional flooring.

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