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2017 Hardwood Flooring Styles and Design Trends

Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2017

You’ll want to know the 2017 trends for hardwood flooring if you’re installing or remodeling a floor soon. You can find hardwood flooring in homes and businesses everywhere because of its classic look, durability and variety of styles.

This look at trends in 2017 will help you make an informed decision. While you might recognize some of these trends from 2016, like matte finishes and wide planks, a few are newcomers. Examples of new trends include a handcrafted look, satin finishes, and reclaimed wood.

Types of Wood Flooring

You’ll see less modern wood flooring in 2017. Instead, there’s a move toward comfort and warmth.

Engineered wood is growing in popularity. This multi-layered flooring (veneer top over HDF or plywood) gives you all the pleasure of having actual hardwood but with the added benefits of being easy to clean and highly durable.

Cork could be your answer if you’re looking for an eco-friendly wood flooring option with a distinct surface. This beautiful alternative to traditional hardwood is not only versatile but also easy on your joints because it absorbs impact better than hardwood.

Bamboo is another eco-friendly option that’s been around for years and is still increasing in popularity. In addition to a unique pattern that’s noticeably different from hardwood, it offers numerous finishes and various colors.

Reclaimed wood combines environmental friendliness with beauty and character. These lightly processed planks come recycled from other buildings.

Wood Flooring Textures

In 2017 you’ll see rough textures in wood floors that still suggest expensive tastes.

Wire-brushed wood floors are increasing in popularity. They give you the aged, lived-in look immediately that you would typically wait several years to get.

Hand-scraped floors have a hand-sanded appearance, making each plank look like it came from a carpenter’s shop instead of a large manufacturer.

Wood flooring colors

2017 is the year to make bold statements with your wood flooring. Here are three color trends to keep your eye on for inspiration.

Dark floors, in colors resembling chocolate and tobacco, are big now. You’ll be trendy with these colors but be aware that you’re making a commitment to colors that don’t have the design flexibility of lighter colors.

Grey, both light and dark, is popular for 2017. You can take this color in a cool, neutral direction or go for a darker, more somber option.

Blonde wood floors will show dirt and dust more but also help to make a room seem more expansive. It’s a trendy and classic way to brighten a home.

Patterns in Wood Floors

You’ll see a couple pattern trends in 2017, one unexpected and one that’s been around a long time.

Angled. It used to be that you lined up wood planks straight across a room. But now you’ll see more people installing them diagonally across rooms. If you want a simple way to add a little interest to an otherwise ordinary room, consider this pattern.

Both wide and mixed-width planks are going to be big in 2017. One benefit is that, even in dark colors, these will make your room look bigger.

Wood Floor Finishes

True to the trend toward less polished, stay current by going more matte than glossy with your wood floors in 2017.

Matte finishes will let your beautiful wood flooring reflects light softly, helping create a relaxing atmosphere. They give spaces a more casual look that can still be dressed up with the right furniture choices.

Satin finishes let you take a small step back from glossy without losing the shine altogether. They’re more flexible than both matte and high gloss so you can take your interior toward casual or formal without installing new floors over the years.

There’s a definite move toward casual for wood floors in 2017 but the variety of wood floor types, textures, colors, patterns and finishes give you plenty of options for most interior design looks.

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