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Carpet Flooring Styles and Design Trends

2017 Carpet Trends – New and Classic Carpet Styles for Every Interior

These 2017 carpet trends will help you keep your new or remodeled interiors current. Carpet’s an extremely versatile flooring option, with selections ranging from carefree to formal, understated to bold. By combining the right textures, colors, carpet types and patterns you’ll have a home that’s both comfortable and fashionable. You’ll notice that many 2017 trends are classics that never go out of style.

Remember that carpet location should inform your decisions about which carpets to buy as much as aesthetics and comfort.

Carpet Textures

This will be a year for extremes in carpet texture — chunky and formal.

One popular trend is a chunky texture. You can achieve this look by choosing carpet that includes both mixed high-low and cut-and-loop piles.

Look at ribbed carpeting as well. Although it has a somewhat formal appearance, it made its way into homes in 2016 and that trend will continue in 2017.

Some carpet textures never go out of style. Two that will stay with us include wool — popular for it’s versatility and durability — and plush carpeting.

Carpet Colors

The big three carpet color trends for 2017 will be neutrals, blues and berries.

Neutrals are classic go-to colors most years, for homes and commercial spaces. In 2017, look to this staple in creams, browns and greys. You’ll be able to pair it with almost any interior style.

Other trending colors include blues and berries. While you’ll always be safe with neutral colors, consider 2017 the year for making strong statements in color, especially in small areas that won’t overwhelm a room.

Carpet Types

Among carpet types, tiles will be big in 2017. One benefit of tiles is that you can layer them over other carpet or hard flooring. This will allow you to enjoy those bold colors while keeping the option to remove them easily.

Another trend will be cut and loop carpet. This will give you plenty of pattern and texture options while maintaining a discreet look if comfort isn’t your highest priority.

Recycled carpet’s a trend that’s already massively popular. Thanks to greater environmental awareness, most carpets include some recycled material. The options for color, texture and patterns will be even greater in 2017.

Frieze carpet has a loosely crimped look because of its tightly twisted fibers. It offers a loose and casual appearance that’s comfortable underfoot.

Carpet Patterns

Again, the tiled look will be a strong trend in 2017. You can achieve this with either individually placed carpet tiles or by carpeting whole areas with smaller moveable tiles that you can rearrange as you like.

Geometric patterns like arabesques and hexagons are a growing trend. The more subtle these patterns, the more likely they are to hold up through the coming years.

Other Carpet Trends

Everyone wants to be comfortable whether at the office or at home. In 2017, comfort will be among the most important trends. As mentioned, carpet types that are both stylish and comfortable, like frieze, are well positioned to rise in favor beyond 2017.

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