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Waterproof Core Flooring Store For Sacramento Homes

Superior Waterproof Core Flooring Near Sacramento Homes and Businesses

Waterproof Core Flooring is an excellent alternative to natural floors for Sacramento homes and businesses thanks to its beauty, durability and ease of installation—it’s also easy on the budget. Your local S&G Carpet and More offers a wide selection of waterproof core flooring that will be perfect for homes and commercial sites throughout the Sacramento region.

Our Waterproof Core flooring options can be installed by the homeowner in many cases, or installed by one of our flooring professionals. Among our excellent waterproof core in stock, you’ll find planks and tiles in a variety of surface textures and designs to suit your interior needs. Visit your local flooring showroom near Sacramento today or schedule a time to meet with a shop-at-home flooring consultant and choose your Waterproof Core Flooring.

Why Choose Waterproof Core Flooring in Sacramento

Waterproof core flooring is often chosen for its great design and durability. It comes in both plank and tile formats. You’ll also be able to choose from a variety of styles designed to look like natural materials. There are many positive qualities of waterproof core flooring and for that reason it’s become a popular choice for use in personal and professional settings in Sacramento.

This type of flooring provides a high-density waterproof core and coating that is durable enough to protect it from liquid spills, daily use, scratches and other types of wear and tear. That makes it suitable for almost any room in your home or office. We’re confident that you’ll love how natural it looks—and rest assured that it’s also reliable.

Waterproof core flooring doesn’t need any preparation before installing. Once installed, the tiles and planks will retain their shape—no unsightly contracting or expanding that you get with natural wood floors. You can skip the underlayment as well because it isn’t needed with this innovative flooring. You’ll enjoy excellent heat retention and noise reduction as well. Waterproof core flooring is a perfect solution most rooms—like bathrooms, basements, work rooms, mud rooms, kitchens, entry ways, kids’ rooms, and game rooms.

High-definition printing gives you a wide variety of surface style options in a variety of patterns, from wood and marble to bamboo and stone—there are almost infinite possibilities!

Waterproof Core Flooring Styles for Sacramento Homes and Businesses

With a variety of design options Waterproof Core Flooring provides sturdy and reliable floors to fit all of your rooms, from bathrooms to formal living rooms, ranging in style from rustic to modern. Best-selling surface styles include Travertine, Antique Marble, Ventian Marble, and more:

  • Exotic Hardwoods
  • Multi-tone Wood Planks
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Fossilized Wood
  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Slate

We carry top of the line name brands including COREtec by USFloors, SmartCore by Natural Floor and Floorte by Shaw Floors. Our state-of-the-art Waterproof Core Flooring has a base of wood fiber and thermoplastics with countless plank and tile style, shape and size options, as well as attractive inlays and features like beveled edges.

Sacramento Waterproof Core Flooring Durability

Waterproof Core Flooring withstands daily wear—from spills to fluctuating temperatures—because of its durable stiff inner core that’s surrounded by wax-impregnated edges, outer sealants and a clear, outer top seal. No warping. No ruined subfloors.

Waterproof Core Flooring is Budget-Friendly

Our flooring is much easier to install than natural wood flooring. It resists the damage that natural wood floors suffer daily and over time, and it’s easier to replace and repair—all ways that Waterproof Core Flooring helps you save money.

Waterproof Core is Easy-Care Flooring

Professionals in the flooring industry recommend not to use traditional hardwood flooring in kitchens, bathrooms, basements and other damp areas. Unlike traditional hardwood floors that can get damaged from water on the surface that could seep down into the subflooring, Waterproof Core Flooring protects from water damage to keep both your flooring and subfloors intact. It combines the best in easy installation, easy care and excellent durability.

How to Install Waterproof Core Flooring in Your Sacramento Home

Waterproof Core Flooring is simple to install and stays secure. Unlike hardwood flooring, you do not need to remove the old flooring—just snap your new waterproof core planks and tiles directly over an old surface. You don’t need to acclimate prior to installation—this can keep your installation time to under 24 hours!

Waterproof Core for Sacramento Homeowners

S&G Carpet and More is your go-to resource for Sacramento’s largest selection of Waterproof Core Flooring. Visit our Sacramento showroom today to choose the flooring style you prefer in plank or tile. You’ll love our wide selection of beautiful, easy-to-install, easy-to-care-for waterproof core flooring.

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