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Hardwood Floors for Your Danville Home or Office

Wood Flooring at Affordable Prices for Danville

If you want the quality of hardwood floors for your home or office in Danville, come to our local wood and carpet floor store. Hardwood floors have unmistakable charm and timeless beauty. Wood floors are never out of fashion and add real value to your Danville home or office. Explore a wide array of hardwood floor options at any of the S&G Carpet and More stores across Northern California.

The wood floor experts at S&G Carpet and More can help you decide which hardwood flooring is right for you. We use only the most professional and experienced wood floor installers to ensure that your hardwood flooring will last for years. Visit an S&G Carpet and More woof floor store near Danville to find the right wood floors for your home, rental or office.

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Wood Floor Choices for Your Danville Home

Hardwood floors come in a wide variety of wood species, colors, and widths. Besides the classic North American hardwoods (like red oak, white oak, maple, and ash) many wood flooring manufacturers now offer exotic hardwood species from all over the World. Exotic wood selections include bamboo flooring, tiger wood and Brazilian cherry. Exotic hardwoods give Danville homeowners the chance to better express their own personal decorating tastes with a unique looking floor.

For help deciding which hardwood floor is right for your Danville home or office, ask one of our professionally trained hardwood floor experts at an S&G Carpet and More showroom near Danville!

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Engineered Hardwood Floors for Your Danville Home

Through advancements in manufacturing wood floors, today’s engineered hardwood floors are more durable and adaptable to many different living areas in your Danville area home. Engineered wood flooring is composed of three to ten layers, called plies that are glued together. This layered construction makes wood flooring stronger than solid wood. Engineered wood floors allow Danville homeowners to use hardwood flooring in areas of the home that they would never have considered in the past.

Danville’s Best Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is less durable than engineered wood floors because it is made of 100% hardwood milled from lumber. Solid wood floors are constructed with natural material which reacts to extreme temperatures and moisture. This means that solid wood floors can expand or shrink over time. However, solid hardwood flooring can be sanded and refinished over the years to manage any changes to conditions and temperatures. For below ground and bathroom hardwood floor installations, it is best to avoid solid hardwood and choose more durable flooring such as engineered hardwood floors.

Ask the experts at S&G Carpet and More to help you find hardwood flooring that is right for your Danville home or office. And don’t forget to ask about our guaranteed hardwood floor installations when you visit an S&G Carpet and More showroom near Danville.

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Danville, CA

The Town of Danville is located in the San Ramon Valley in Contra Costa County, California. Danville is one of the incorporated municipalities in California that uses “town” in its name instead of “city”. The population was 42,039 in 2010. According to Businessweek, Danville is the 41st most expensive zip code in America. Danville is one of California’s top 25 wealthiest cities, and one of the wealthiest suburbs of Oakland and San Francisco. Danville is home to some of the most expensive real estate and exclusive country clubs in the nation.