Carpet Warranty Information

Day of Installation Notes

    1. All furniture should be moved out of the rooms. Furniture moving is available at an extra charge. Customer is still responsible for moving knick-knacks.
    2. S&G Carpet and More will not move or disconnect electronic equipment.
    3. S&G is not responsible for wires of any kind that are installed along the perimeter of the floor or underneath the existing flooring.
    4. Your installer may change the layout of your job in order to put the seams in the best possible places.
    5. S&G is not responsible for cutting doors. Sometimes doors will need to be trimmed because of the height of the new carpet.
    6. New synthetic backs are mold and mildew resistant and stronger. However, these stronger backs are stiffer and may scratch or scuff painted or wood baseboards.
    7. Moisture is taken out of the carpet in the manufacturing process. It may take up to 8 weeks for the carpet to “blossom” to feel as full as the store sample.
    8. There should be proper ventilation and access to electricity to insure the completion of your installation.
    9. Some smooth texture, dense pile carpets show seam peaking to a noticeable degree. It is the nature of carpet installation and cannot be avoided. However, the peaking will decrease with time and traffic. So, the new seams are at their worst when first made.
    10. All jobs are C.O.D.

Carpet Maintenance

Vacuum once per week for each person in the home. Make 4-5 passes with a vacuum over each area. Vacuum in different directions. The beater bar should just barely flick the tops of the carpet.

Remove spills quickly. Staining is a function of time and temperature.The hotter and I or longer a spill is left on a carpet, the greater the chance it will become a stain. No carpet is stain proof.

Professional cleaning using hot water extraction method, sometimes called steam cleaning should be done at least every 12-18 months by a professional with a truck mounted machine. Please keep your receipts as proof of cleaning, as it is a requirement of proof on any claim. NEVER ADD ANY AFTERMARKET STAIN PROTECTANTUNLESS S&G CARPET AND MORE ADVISES OTHERWISE,AS THIS WILL VOID ALL WARRANTIES.

Stain Resistance Warranty

S&G Carpet and More warrants that the surface pile of this carpet will resist stains from any food or beverage from the date of the purchase for the life of the carpet, when properly installed over cushion meetingS&G’s recommendation and maintained in an owner-occupied, single family, indoor, residential installation. S&G Carpet and More will, at its discretion and at its entire liability replace with comparable carpet,on a pro-rated basis any portion of the installation which fails to exhibit improved stain resistance properties during the limited warranty period as provided below.

No carpet is absolutely stain-proof. The stain resistant properties of the product will provide for improved resistance to food and beverage stains. This limited warranty excludes any residual stains or wicking that may occur under this condition. Also excluded are pet stains, vomit,and stains caused by acids, oil -based or wax-based substances including,but not limited to tar, shoe polish, paints, lipstick and mascara. The stain resistance warranty also specifically excludes any carpet that has been treated after installation. (See Pro-Rated Table) This warranty is void if the “General Terms and Conditions” have not been followed.

Wear Warranty

S&G Carpet and More warrants up to lifetime from the date of original installation that the surface pile of your carpet will not be worn by abrasion more than 10% when used in an owner-occupied, single family, indoor residential installation. If within the warrantied period, the pile weight of the carpet, when compared to non-traffic areas, loses more than 10% of its weight. Abrasive wear means fiber-loss from the carpet through normal abrasion, not from crushing or flattening of the carpet pile in any area, or from staining, soiling, fading, or other changes in carpet appearance. Carpets installed outdoors, on stairs, hallways, in bathrooms, kitchens, or in areas subject to other than normal shoe traffic are not covered by this warranty. Specifically excluded from this warranty is damage caused by tears, pulls, pilling, bums, improper installation, inadequate cushion, improper cleaning, furniture, wheels, or athletic equipment. (See Pro-Rated Table)

This warranty is void if the “General Terms and Conditions” have not been followed.

Installation Warranty

The Installation Warranty protects you only if you have purchased an S&G Carpet for your own residential use in an owner-occupied residence. S&G Carpet and More’s Limited Residential Installation Warranty applies to carpet that has been installed by a certified S&G Carpet and More installer. S&G Carpet and More warrants restretching, retucking at the walls and mouldings, seam repair or any visual problem that may be corrected by our installation department. The installation warranty is good in the original home installed for the life of the carpet. This warranty specifically excludes carpet that has been pulled up at the seams or has been lifted to put any type of wires or coaxial cables under the carpet. It is the sole responsibility of the consumer to have all areas empty of furniture and clear of furnishings to have warranty work performed. (See Pro-Rated Table)

This warranty is void if the “General Terms and Conditions” have not been followed.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance guarantees S&G Carpet and More only sells first quality carpeting. This Quality Assurance Warranty covers manufacturing defects that could occur in an S&G product. This Quality Assurance Warranty protects you if you have purchased an S&G Carpet for your own residential use in an owner-occupied residence. Manufacturing defects include any defects in raw materials or production of the carpet. This warranty coverage begins from the date of installation and is valid for 10-20 years commensurate with the quality of the carpet purchased. S&G will credit up to 100% (see pro-rated table) of the original purchase price and labor costs toward S&G replacement carpet of the area or room that has been affected.(See Pro-Rated Table)

This warranty is void if the “General Terms and Conditions” have not been followed.

Texture Retention Warrantv

S&G Carpet and More warrants that the carpet purchased will not exhibit significant loss of texture from foot traffic for the allocated warranty period. Carpet must be used in an owner-occupied residence using a proper indoor installation. If your carpet shows significant loss of texture, (according to ISO standard 9405-1990) from foot traffic within allocated warranty years of the date installed, as a result of yarn tufts losing their twist, and the carpet’s appearance cannot be restored, S&G Carpet and More will give credit of equal value to the area or room that has been affected. The credit can only be applied to a piece of S&G carpet. There will be no cash settlement. S&G Carpet and More will give credit on material only, according to the prorated table. All labor costs are to be paid by the original owner-occupied consumer. Matting and crushing are excluded from this warranty. For the purpose of this warranty, matting is defined as the loss of twist from the tips of the pile tufts and entanglement of the fibers. Crushing is defined as the loss of pile thickness due to foot traffic only. Improper maintenance or inadequate care could void all or part of your warranty coverage. Receipts from professional cleaning will be required. Pile distortion or compression caused by furniture, including impressions left by legs of furniture, is not covered by this warranty.

This warranty is void if the “General Terms and Conditions” have not been followed.

Transfer of Warrantv

All warranties and guarantees are transferable except Total SatisfactionWarrant)’, and are issued to the original purchaser for owner-occupied,single-family interior residential installations only. Liability under these warranties and guarantees shall be limited to the actual cost of repair or replacement of the affected areas of the carpet or at the discretion of S&GCarpet and More in the form of credit. Credits can be used towards the purchase of products that are of equal or greater value at S&G Carpet andMore. Your credit amount will be based on your original purchase price and any additional costs commensurate with all applicable prorated tables will be charged to you according to the normal pricing policies of S&G Carpet and More. Incidental and consequential damages are neither the responsibility of the manufacturer nor S&G Carpet and More.

The liability of S&G Carpet and More under this limited warranty shall be limited to the actual cost of repair or replacement of the affected area of the carpet extending to the nearest wall, doorway, or entrance. (S&GCarpet and More reserves the right to correct any defect prior to the carpet being removed or replaced or a settlement being offered.) If replacement is warranted, S&G shall provide a carpet of equal value should the identical carpet not be available. There will be no cash payment. Pro-rated table will be used for reimbursement percentages on all warranties and guarantees where applicable. All warranties and guarantee time frames are commensurate with quality of carpet purchased.

It is the consumers responsibility to move furniture and have areas open and clear for any warranty or guarantee work to be done. The consumer may also be responsible for labor costs under certain restrictions or warranties and guarantees. These warranties and guarantees give the consumer specific legal rights. You may also have other legal rights which may vary from state to state. These warranties and guarantees are void outside the continental United States. There are no implied warranties including warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose extended by these warranties and guarantees.

Prorated Schedules

All implied warranties which may arise by implication of law or application of course of dealing or usage of trade, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose are expressly excluded. There are no warranties that extend beyond the description on the face hereof.

Upon determination of a valid claim, if the carpet cannot be restored by repair, S&G Carpet and More will arrange a credit equal to the cost of the carpet replacement excluding reasonable labor. Credit will be issued based upon the length of time your carpet has been in use and according to the prorate schedule.


1st Year 100% 11th Year 40%
2nd Year 100% 12th Year 30%
3rd Year 90% 13th Year 30%
4th Year 80% 14th Year 30%
5th Year 70% 15th Year 20%
6th Year 60% 16th Year 20%
7th Year 50% 17th Year 20%
8th Year 50% 18th Year 10%
9th Year 50% 19th Year 10%
10th Year 40% 20th Year to Lifetime 10%


1st Year 100% 11th Year 20%
2nd Year 90% 12th Year 20%
3rd Year 80% 13th Year 20%
4th Year 60% 14th Year 20%
5th Year 50% 15th Year 10%
6th Year 40% 16th Year 10%
7th Year 40% 17th Year 10%
8th Year 30% 18th Year 10%
9th Year 30% 19th Year 10%
10th Year 20% 20th Year to Lifetime 5%


1st Year 100% 11th Year 10%
2nd Year 70% 12th Year 10%
3rd Year 60% 13th Year 10%
4th Year 50% 14th Year 10%
5th Year 40% 15th Year 5%
6th Year 30% 16th Year 5%
7th Year 20% 17th Year 5%
8th Year 20% 18th Year 5%
9th Year 10% 19th Year 5%
10th Year 10% 20th Year to Lifetime 5%


1st Year 70% 6th Year 10%
2nd Year 50% 7th Year 5%
3rd Year 30% 8th Year 5%
4th Year 20% 9th Year 5%
5th Year 10% 10th Year 5%

Improper Installation

This can cause problems with your new carpet.The Carpet and Rug Institute Installation Standard CRI-1 05 conforms to proper installation procedures and must be followed. We are not responsible for damage to your carpet caused by improper installation.Examples are wrinkling, due to insufficient stretch, loss of tufts due to improper seam sealing, and seam peaking. (We recommend the use of a licensed S&G Carpet Installer to reduce the risk of improper installation.)Installer must be licensed ( C-15) to be eligible for inspection of GeneralWarranty and Conditions.

Improper Cleaning

Improper cleaning can ruin your carpet and void all your warranties. Even though you may hire a “professional,” not all carpet cleaners do quality work. Adding Teflon, Scotchguard or other chemicals may ruin your carpet and void your warranties.

Accidents, Abuse, or Abnormal Wear

Your S&G Carpet warranties do not cover damage resulting from accidents or abuse such as staining,soiling, burning, flooding, cutting, and damage caused by pets, or damage caused by improper cleaning methods and materials.

Carpets on Stairs, Hallways, In Bathrooms, & Kitchens

Your S&G Carpet warranties do not cover damage or appearance changes on carpet installed on stairs, hallways, in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoors, or in areas subject to other than ordinary shoe traffic.

Pad Failure

Deterioration of the padding can cause problems with your carpet. We are not responsible for any defects caused by failure of the carpet pad. Please see the pad manufacturer’s warranty statement for more information.

Problems with Moisture

Your S&G Carpet warranties do not cover problems caused by wetting or persistence of excessive moisture.For immediate assistance, contact a certified water damage restorations specialist. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) w maintains a registry of trained, certified specialists.Call 1-775-553-5458 or visit them online at

Differences in Samples

Your S&G Carpet warranties do not cover minor and normal differences between the color and texture of the sample and true color and texture of the actual carpet.

Carpet Installation

Proper installation is as important as the original quality and durability of the carpet. An improperly installed carpet will not look as good nor last as long and can cause delimitation, buckling, wrinkling, and loss of tufts in the seam areas.

Before you have your new carpet installed, S&G Carpet and More recommends you let your carpet sit overnight, in an area not below65 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows backing to become more pliable and easier to install. It also allows the “new carpet smell” to dissipate.Testing within the carpet industry, and independently, has not found any harmful emissions from carpets. The latex used to lock the tufts in place does produce a smell sometimes referred to as “new carpet smell”.Studies show 90-95% of the “new carpet smell” dissipates within a 24hour span.

A seam may be required during the installation of carpet, depending on the dimensions of the rooms. If at all possible, the seam should run perpendicular to windows in order to minimize the light that reflects off the seam. Seams do show, and some constructions show more than others. There are no invisible seams.

*Failure to have carpet installed using the previous guidelines can void your warranties.

Non-Warrantied Carpet Characteristics

Appearance Retention

All carpets will change in appearance overtime. This is primarily due to foot traffic. Carpet in heavy traffic areas will exhibit the most change. A good quality cushion will help extend the carpet’s appearance. The tips of the tufts in cut-pile carpets, overtime and use, will lose some twist, causing it to bloom. This is normal and should be expected.


This is the compaction of the pile thickness due to foot traffic or furniture. Regular use of a vacuum in high traffic areas may help reduce changes in appearance.

Fading or Color Loss

Carpet may slowly lose color over time. This can be caused from direct sunlight, ozone, emissions from heating fuels, pesticides, cleaning agents, BenzoilPeroxide, and other household items. Care should be taken when using these items. Window treatments will reduce exposure to direct sunlight.


Cut-pile carpets will show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks. The selection of a carpet with a lower pile height and denser construction will help to minimize this effect.


Will occur from furniture or heavy objects. Furniture coasters will assist in spreading the weight of the object to a larger area. Brushing the affected area with your fingertips will usually restore the crushed tufts to their original position.


The entanglement of fibers and tufts of the yam tips may be caused by a cushion failure, or most often, improper maintenance. Residue from a spill that was not cleaned up thoroughly or cleaning residue that has not been rinsed completely will lead to matting.


This is a change in pile direction that results in an apparent change in color due to the light reflection in different ways. Solid color cut-pile carpets will exhibit this more often than textured or patterned carpets. This is normal. Severe cases of shading are also known as pooling or watermarking. This results in a permanent pile reversal that occurs after installation. It has no known cause and is usually confined to only certain areas of an installation. Pooling or watermarking is not considered a manufacturing defect.


This is a normal characteristic of cut-pile carpets. It is more apparent in staple products versus continuous filament products. Regular vacuuming utilizing a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar will remove most of the loose fibers during the first year. The vacuum beater bar should be set at an appropriate level. When set too low, it can accelerate the wear appearance of the carpeting. The suction only setting should be used to remove topical light soiling.

Filtration Soiling

Dust, dirt, pollen, cooking vapors, and other airborne pollutants may appear as dark lines along walls, vents, and doorways. It is usually due to an imbalanced ventilation system that is incapable of removing the volume of air entering the room. The excess air escapes through gaps between floors, wall and doorways. Professional cleaning may clean the affected areas, but the condition will usually return unless the ventilation problems are corrected. Carpet of any quality will perform the same if subjected to filtration inefficiencies.


Wrinkling may occur after installation. It can be caused by excessive humidity, inadequate cushion, or not using the recommended installation procedures found in CRI-105, especially relative to power stretching. A competent installer can usually correct this problem.


Yellowing can have many causes such as *BHT off gassing from rebond pad, yarn lubricants, over-application of stain resistant treatments, changes in alkalinity, cleaning solutions, general soiling, and fume fading. White vinegar applied to a clean white towel and held on the carpet will indicate if the yellowing can be removed. If this works, a 10% solution of citric acid applied by a professional cleaner will usually remove the yellowing. *Butylatedhydroxytoluene

Each of these items are characteristic of carpet and is not considered a manufacturing defect.

Homeowner Obligations Under S&G Warranties

In order to maintain and protect your coverage under the terms of these warranties, you must do the following:

      1. Make sure you know which warranties apply to your particular carpet. The warranties are stated on the back of the sample at time of purchase. It is your responsibility to know which warranties apply to your carpet.
      2. Keep proof of purchase in the form of a bill, invoice, or statement from S&G Carpet and More, showing the price you paid for your carpet. (Keep your invoice.)
      3. Install your carpet according to the guidelines in the Carpet and Rug Institute Installation Standard CRI-105.
      4. Show proof of periodic cleaning by a certified professional cleaning service. A bill, invoice or a statement showing cleaning service will serve as proof of cleaning.

A minimum of one professional cleaning every 12-18 months is required.Please keep all receipts as proof Depending on level of traffic, familysize, soil conditions adjacent to the home, and other circumstances, more frequent cleaning may be advisable. Failure to clean your carpet in allotted time frames will void your warranties.

Applying any aftermarket stain protectant or other chemicals will void the warranties, unless S&G Carpet advises otherwise.

Filing a Claim

Notify S&G Carpet and More in writing. Be sure to describe the specific problem and to include a copy of your invoice. S&G will take appropriate action, including replacement if necessary. S&G Affiliate stores should be contacted directly.

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