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Choosing the Right Flooring For your Home


Homeowners who plan on installing flooring themselves are best served by choosing laminate. Laminate flooring is available with and without glue so that shoppers can choose the option that best meets their installation abilities and needs. Only those individuals who have prior experience installing hardwood flooring should do so as failure to properly install the flooring can lead to serious warping issues over time.

Care Needs

One of the most important factors you should weigh when choosing flooring is the level of care required to keep the flooring in good shape. In general, laminate flooring is the less demanding choice because it can simply be swept and mopped. Hardwood flooring tends to require more work, including occasional stripping and sealing.


Of course, cost is also a determining factor for many homeowners who need to choose new flooring. In general, laminate flooring costs less than hardwood flooring. However, it’s important to remember that hardwood flooring will generally last for your home’s entire lifetime whereas laminate flooring may need to be replaced. If you plan to live in your current home for many years, hardwood flooring may be a great choice. Of course, hardwood floors can also add to your home’s value and appeal should you decide to sell.

If you need more help deciding whether hardwood or laminate flooring is best for your home, stop by an S&G Carpet and More showroom or make a free, shop-at-home appointment with one of our flooring consultants today.


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