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Waterproof Core Flooring Store For Rancho Cordova Homes

Waterproof Core Flooring for Rancho Cordova Homes and Businesses

As the leading choice for gorgeous and sustainable flooring for any room in your Rancho Cordova home or business, our wide array of Waterproof Core flooring includes tiles and planks with desirable textures including many natural materials like marble, wood and stone.

You can explore our vast options of Waterproof Core Flooring at our S&G Carpet and More showroom for all of your home and business flooring needs in Rancho Cordova.

Why Choose Waterproof Core Flooring in Rancho Cordova

The high quality and structure of Waterproof Core Flooring makes it easy for you to just snap the planks into place and not worry about underlayments, plus its stunning protective barrier keeps the floor looking amazing and free from possible damages from spills, scratches and subfloor rot that often happen to traditional hardwood.

With many options available including marble, stone, bamboo, and wood patterns, high-definition printing gives you beautiful choices to fit perfectly in bathrooms, foyers, kids’ rooms, game rooms and more.

Styles of Waterproof Core Flooring in Rancho Cordova

To assist you in creating your perfect interior designs, Waterproof Core Flooring gives you a variety of surface style options ranging from shabby chic to country farmhouse—practically any appearance you want in your Rancho Cordova home or office.

Styles to choose from include:

  • Stone
  • Multi-tone Wood Planks
  • Ventian Marble
  • Fossilized Wood
  • Exotic Hardwoods
  • Slate
  • Antique Marble
  • Stamped Concrete

We have the leading brands in stock at our showrooms from COREtec by USFloors to SmartCore by Natural Floor and Floorte by Shaw Floors.

In addition to beveled edges and other feature choices, like attractive inlays, our protective surfaces are made with a rigid core sealed with wax-impregnated edges and a clear protective surface sealant for optimum protection.

Waterproof Core Flooring Is Your Easy-Care & Budget- Friendly Flooring

You’ll be able to enjoy your floor for years because our ultra-protective top coat is waterproof and will keep out harmful liquids, plus protect it from dings, wear, and scratches. Waterproof Core Flooring is cost effective because you can avoid expensive repair and replacement costs. Our flooring is easy to install, making the experience enjoyable before, during and after!

How to Install Your Rancho Cordova Waterproof Core Flooring

We’re here to help you whether you would like us to guide you through the simple process of installing your Waterproof Core Flooring yourself or have us do it for you completely. It’s as easy as snapping the pieces together like a puzzle—and with almost no prep work or underlayment you can place it right over your old floors. You can also relax knowing that temperature fluctuations won’t cause unsightly contractions and expansions that can compromise the integrity of the floor. It has great heat retention and noise reduction as well.

Waterproof Core Flooring for Rancho Cordova Homeowners

We offer the leading brands of Waterproof Core Flooring to the Rancho Cordova Community and beyond. You can visit your local showroom today to find the best flooring to meet your preferences and flooring design needs. They’re easy floors, from installation to care. Our large selection of flooring and friendly service is here for you.

Our Memorial Day Showroom Hours Are 10am to 4pm

Our Showrooms Are Closed on the 4th of July, and Will Be Open on Friday the 5th.