When you buy and install carpet it looks bright and vibrant, the colors fresh and crisp.  Unfortunately, over time, carpet can become faded and dingy. STAINMASTER Carpets has finally developed a solution.  It recently released its SolarMax line of carpet which can be found at S&G Carpets and More.

STAINMASTER SolarMax carpet puts the color all the way through the carpet fiber which gives it incredible resiliency. With this technology SolarMax carpet by STAINMASTER offers excellent stain resistance, fade resistance, lifetime stain and soil warranty, and color that does not fade over the life time of the carpet. The SolarMax carpet is exceptionally durable and easy to clean and will resist fading even in intense sunlight.

S&G Carpets & More is excited to offer STAINMASTER SolarMax Carpet. It is a new technology that STAINMASTER has introduced as fade resistant. With west and south facing windows, your carpet has potential to fade. But not SolarMax.  Use this analogy–most carpets are a like a radish, the fiber is only colored on the outside, and the inside is still white. This allows the fiber to fade and lose its original color. Carpet with SolarMax Technology makes the fiber more like a carrot – the carpet strands are dyed all the way through. It might seem to be funny to compare your carpet to vegetables – but it makes sense!

If you are interested in learning more about hardwood flooring and how S&G Carpets and More can help bring style and elegance to your surroundings, visit one of our carpet and hardwood floor showrooms in Rancho Cordova, Rocklin, Elk Grove, Dublin, Santa Clara, and San Jose, or visit our website at www.sgcarpet.com.

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