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Laminate Flooring Quality Rating

While shopping for laminate flooring it’s important to keep the end use of the room in mind. Not all laminate flooting is the same, and you should take note of the different qualities and what they are best for. Classifying Laminate Flooring By Their Abrasion Class Laminate flooring can be described by its abrasion class (AC), […]

Understanding Laminate Flooring AC Rating

What Are Laminate Flooring Ratings? Laminate flooring is a top choice for many homeowners thanks to its durability, aesthetic appeal and affordable pricing. Of course, there are many different types of laminate available. While all laminate flooring can be installed quickly and is easy to maintain, some laminates withstand the test of time better than […]

Advantages of Regular Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning Your Carpets Regularly Steam cleaning your carpets is necessary as regular maintenance to get the most out of your carpet in both lifespan and quality. It’s important to remember that often times only professional steam cleaning is covered under your warranty. Steam cleaning helps keep your family safe and healthy. As the Environmental […]

Why Steam Clean Your Carpets?

Why You Should Have Professionals Steam Clean Your Carpet? Everyone wants to live in a clean home. As a homeowner, keeping your home clean is even one of your top priorities. Though you might do everything that you can to keep your home spic and span, there are some tasks that are simply more challenging […]

Our Memorial Day Showroom Hours Are 10am to 4pm

Our Showrooms Are Closed on the 4th of July, and Will Be Open on Friday the 5th.