If it’s time to replace carpeting in your home, you may be weighing the benefits of owning pets against the cost of buying new carpeting. You might think that you’ll have to pass on pets to make the most of home improvements such as new carpets and flooring, but thanks to Stainmaster you can enjoy both your pets and your carpets. The new PetProtect line is designed to provide you with plush, comfortable carpeting that actively resists stains and odors caused by your beloved pets.

Resisting Pet Stains

In addition to providing for excellent color protection, PetProtect carpeting also provides for superior stain resistance. The specially designed carpet-and-cushion system is built with a breathable moisture barrier between the carpeting and cushion. This helps prevent stains from leaking down to your padding or subfloor. In order to enjoy the highest level of protection, you’ll need to purchase both PetProtect carpets and cushions.

Reducing Pet Odors

The special PetProtect carpet-and-cushion system does more than just provide for stain resistance and color protection. It also helps to cut down on accident-related odors. Because pet stains won’t leak through to the subfloor or padding immediately, you can clean them thoroughly while reducing lingering odors. Of course, using peroxide-based cleaning products is essential when it comes to making the most of the carpet’s odor-reducing powers.

Combating Pet Hair

One of the most exciting features of PetProtect carpeting is how well it repels pet hair. Proprietary technology and special chemical coatings cut down on static cling that attracts hair to carpeting. With PetProtect carpeting, it’s easier than it’s ever been to simply vacuum pet hair from your carpets.


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