Revwood Plus Aged Copper Oak Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Revwood Plus Aged Copper Oak Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Aged Copper Oak features a color that is similar to an old penny with deep chiseled edges and ends for a sensational rustic visual that looks just like hardwood.

This awesome waterproof laminate flooring has long and wide boards that are made in USA like all S&G stock waterproof laminates, the best products at the best flooring store. S&G brings unsurpassed quality, service, installation, price and warranties, established in 1948. Generations of perfect flooring.

Revwood Plus

Revwood Plus flooring is a waterproof laminate that provides great protection against spills and the day to day wear of a busy family. This waterproof laminate features new technology allowing it to have a wood-like appearance with the durability of laminate.

This waterproof laminate flooring features interlocking pieces that when installed correctly creates a seal to keep moisture out. It’s also been treated with a coating that prevents water from collecting in the grooves – making spills even easier to clean.

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